‘Days Of Our Lives’ Shocker: New Writers Fire Four Actors!

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that new head writers have done a complete overhaul of the cast and have fired four actors from the show, and some fans aren’t happy.

According to Daytime Confidential, new writers Dena Higley and Ryan Quan aren’t wasting any time getting down to the business of re-vamping Days of Our Lives yet again.

The report reveals that Higley and Quan are going about the business of writing off four characters. Those characters are rumored to be Martha Madison’s Belle Black-Brady, Brandon Beemer’s Shawn Douglas Brady, Sal Stowers’ Lani Carver, and the newest Salem Resident, Summer, played by Marie Wilson.

Days of Our Lives: Lani Carver leaving Salem.
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Some Days of Our Lives fans are taking offense to this move as Shawn and Belle are longtime fan favorites of viewers. Some believe that their current storyline is an interesting one, as the two former high school sweethearts are going through a divorce and moving on with other people, namely Lani and Philip. Why cut them out of the show when there is so much to be done with their characters? Also, how do we keep Belle and Shawn’s daughter, Claire, in Salem without her parents? Will one of her grandmothers, Marlena or Hope, take her in? Also, the departure of Belle from the show leaves Marlena with none of her children left in Salem, since Sami is long gone and Eric is about to leave as well.

The character of Lani is also fairly new to Salem, and Days of Our Lives fans have watched her become a great police officer and an important part of Abe and Theo’s lives. She’s also cozied up to Shawn in the past few weeks, which will be a storyline writers will have to deal with if writing them both off the show.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives made such a big deal about Brady’s dreams and visions of Daniel’s sister, Summer, and there was a whole to-do with bringing her home and letting her meet her biological mother, Maggie, which only just happened. While we know now that she’s scheming with Dario to get Maggie’s money, that doesn’t mean fans wouldn’t have wanted to see her build a lasting relationship with her mom after hopefully coming to her senses. Summer’s departure will also leave Maggie without any children in Salem, and after losing Daniel, she may get very emotional over losing Summer as well.

Whatever is happening at Days of Our Lives, it looks like fans are unhappy. Every so often, a new writing team takes over and fires a handful of people brought on during the previous writers’ stint. It’s made for a very confusing and frustrating watching experience for viewers, and many have had enough. The long-running soap, which celebrated its 50th-anniversary last fall, is in jeopardy of being cancelled. By pulling moves like writing off Shawn and Belle, one of the show’s most beloved super couples of days past, there are not a lot of fans who understand the thought process behind the writer’s decisions.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Summer's days are numbered in Salem.
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What Days of Our Lives seemingly needs are writers who understand the rich history of the show and the feelings of the fans towards certain characters and couples. They should also strive to make the show great again with good storylines that include equal parts drama, love, hope, and despair. Are no such soap writers left any longer?

What are your thoughts on the new Days of Our Lives writing change and the departure of Shawn, Belle, Lani, and Summer?

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