‘Naked And Afraid’ Prize Amount Revealed, What Do The Survivalists Take Home?

Naked And Afraid is one of the most bizarre reality/game shows out there, but fans absolutely love it. Season 5 just began a week ago, and already people are talking about the crazy adventures these people are experiencing. Discovery had no clue how much of a hit Naked And Afraid would be with viewers. The concept is a bit like Survivor, but more intense. If you haven’t seen an episode yet, you are definitely missing out on a crazy adventure.

There have been questions about what the contestants on Naked And Afraid win. Prizes aren’t widely or openly discussed with a show like this. Leaks are often available, but even five seasons in, there was a lot of debate about what the true prize for Naked And Afraid really was. According to Starcasm, Naked And Afraid contestants who complete the challenge will take home $5,000 each. This is shocking to viewers who have watched what the duo endures over the course of weeks. The game is incredibly stressful on both your body and mind. While many who have completed the challenge or even attempted it would tell you that the real prize is the accomplishment of survival, the prize money does sweeten the deal. After all the Naked And Afraid contestants go through, $5,000 seems like an awfully small reward.


After five seasons, Naked And Afraid is still going strong in the ratings department. There have been so many different scenarios and incidents, each episode you watch leaves you speechless. From the Naked And Afraid contestants finishing the journey by the skin of their teeth to having to come in and pull one player out of the experiment for safety, the same scenario never plays out. Naked And Afraid is intense, and the faint of heart should not watch. Scavenging for your own food, being completely naked and vulnerable, and building your own shelter would easily break down someone who isn’t equipped with survival instincts. When considering what the Naked And Afraid players go through, it is almost like they deserve more than is offered at the end.

One man and one woman are paired together for the Naked And Afraid journey. They are chosen because of their skill levels. The initial meeting is awkward, especially since they will meet each other completely naked. There were rumors that the first couple on Season 5 of Naked And Afraid would hook up, but that appeared to not be true. According to TMZ, both Naked And Afraid contestants revealed they did not hook up. While there may be sexual attraction and tension, their energy needs to be focused on surviving their situation. While it wouldn’t be impossible for a pair to hook up on Naked And Afraid, it is unlikely.


The new season of Naked And Afraid just began on March 13, with only two episodes airing so far. Fans are raving about the adventures the contestants get to go on, with many of them tweeting along as the show airs. Some of the adventures are incredibly dangerous while others are more of a moderate challenge for the less experienced survivalists. Naked And Afraid was never meant to be about winning prize money, though it is a nice incentive. It was interesting to find out what was offered to the players who completed their challenge. A lot of them joined Naked And Afraid to see if they could push themselves to the absolute limit, and many have. While there is always room for improvement, many of these players have used their instincts to the best of their abilities. Naked And Afraid is one of the most unique reality/game shows out there, and fans can’t get enough of it.

[Photo via Naked And Afraid/Twitter]