Donald Trump Shares Stage With Man Wearing ‘Legal Immigrant For Trump’ Shirt, Stirs Controversy

Donald Trump made a stop in Bloomington, Illinois, on Sunday, March 13, and this presidential stop wasn’t quite like the others because of his encounter with a legal immigrant supporter. According to The Blaze, Trump discussed a number of topics as he’s done in many other cities around the United States. As expected, immigration, which happens to be an intricate part of Donald Trump’s campaign plan, was discussed during the rally.

Just as Donald Trump was explaining his perspective of immigrants, he noticed something in the audience that caught his attention. Apparently, there was a legal immigrant supporter in the crowd wearing a shirt with the words, “Legal Immigrant for Trump” written on it.

Just as he addressed the claims about his alleged anti-immigrant rhetoric, he noticed the legal immigrant supporter. That’s when he made it clear that he has no problem with immigration, as long as the immigrants entering the United States do so legally.

“We want people to come in, but they’ve got to come in (points) like you — legally!” Trump said. Donald Trump was so moved by the legal immigrant’s support and presence at the rally, he decided to call him to the stage and let him speak. “Bring him up,” he instructed security personnel. “He knows if he makes a move he’s gonna get clobbered by these guys. Did you see these guys take the guys down yesterday?”

Here’s a clip of the encounter:

The legal immigrant supporter voiced his frustrations by slamming the media and its attempts to misconstrue Donald Trump’s words by refusing to cite the difference between “legal” and “illegal” immigrants. “I’m here because I’m agitated that the media doesn’t separate legal immigration from illegal,” he said, turning to Trump. “You do support immigration.”

Donald Trump’s stop in Bloomington, Illinois, turned out quite different than his chaotic rally in Chicago, Illinois, on Friday, March 11. Since Donald Trump has been endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, and many other white supremacists in the United States, many Americans aren’t sold on the idea of Donald Trump embracing equality.

In fact, he’s been labeled a racist bigot by an overwhelming number of social media users as memes continue to circulate on social media. Another issue he’s now facing pertains to the legal immigrant’s shirt. The handwritten message on the shirt has social media users wondering if Donald Trump’s encounter with the legal immigrant was staged since he’s been widely accused of having an “all or nothing” stance when it comes to immigrants.

Here are some of the tweets.

Since Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has gained momentum, a number of his supporters have been accused of resorting to physical violence to make their presence and Republican support known. In fact, it has also been reported that illegal immigrants have become United States’ targets for assault.

Do you believe the “legal immigrant” is a real Donald Trump supporter or was the encounter staged? Share your thoughts.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]