'Mob Wives' Drita D'Avanzo Exposes Karen Gravano's Alleged Lies, Opens Up About Big Ang, Thanked 'Drita's Mob' For Their Support [Video]

Mob Wives' series finale left the audience with the idea that "what's done is done," and Drita D'Avanzo verified that that certainly holds true to this day. Drita spoke to CBS Local for a short interview and dished the dirt on her strained relationship with the cast of Mob Wives. Drita says she never runs into Karen Gravano around town and has no urge to rekindle any type of friendship with her -- not now and not ever. Apparently, according to Drita, Karen has taken to Twitter to spread lies about her and family, and baited and antagonized her, only for Karen to back out of the fight at the last minute.

Drita explained that there were multiple times they had arranged via Twitter or text messages a time and place to settle the score in person. Every time, Karen doesn't show up. In fact, Drita claims that "green light gangster" was a term she used to describe Karen a few months ago, only to have Karen use the phrase to describe her in the series finale.

Drita explained that Renee Graziano, Carla Facciolo, and Karen felt secure to bait her in confrontations on the show because Jennifer Graziano, the show's creator and executive producer, is Renee's sister. It wasn't fair to her, and she would never be able to have an accurate edit because of the family tie. In the end, Drita didn't care about how they made her seem on the show because she knew in her heart that her fans loved her and would know the truth. In fact, she referred to her fans as "Drita's Mob." She feels confident that if she had another show, her loyal fans would follow her.
It was difficult for me to be on the show. It never went in my favor because in the end Jennifer [ show's creator] had Renee and her pals's back, not mine.
Drita was brought to tears when Big Ang was brought up. She revealed that Angela Raiola was not just a co-worker to her, she was her best friend. After Ang had passed away, Drita wasn't sure how to go on without Big Ang. Carla and Karen took the chance to pick her apart on social media. They made fun of her because she was so devastated about Angela's death, and implied she was doing it for attention.
At the end of Mob Wives' series finale, the three ladies (Renee, Karen, and Carla) were on one side and Drita on the other as they walked separate ways. Drita firmly believes that if Angela were alive, she would have chosen her side. Drita couldn't get the words out without being brought to tears talking about Big Ang.

Drita was asked what she will miss most about Big Ang, and she replied,

"I will miss the way she walks, talks, her infectious laugh, the way she cooked. My lord, Ang should have had a cooking show the way she cooked. It was amazing foods, too. I will miss everything about her."
D'Avanzo explained that she thought that Karen must be unhappy in her own life, otherwise she wouldn't talk about her so often. In fact, Drita stated that her husband, Lee, feels sorry for her. He said that he can't imagine why she still talks so much about him because they weren't even that close, and it was over 20 years ago.
"I feel really sorry for her. She is a real loser, sorry, but true."
In Drita's book, she will reveal her turbulent past with Karen going back 25 years ago when she slept with her ex-boyfriend. Apparently, according to D'Avanzo, Karen had her way with most of the neighborhood, and this was before she had any relationship with Lee, too. Drita will be publishing her book soon, and will launch a national book tour to promote it.

Drita is not interested in any spin-offs with the Mob Wives ladies. She figures after six years, she wants to walk away from them and not look back. Fashion & Style explained that Renee, Carla, and Karen were filming a secret project without Drita. The Mob Wives fans worried that Drita was excluded in the spin-off. It sounds like Drita is refusing to work with them again.

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[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for VH1]