Amy Duggar Reveals Jim Bob And Michelle Banned Daughters From Going Out With Her

Amy Duggar King may be a Duggar, but that doesn’t mean that she lives her life the same way as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids. Amy is known to be a bit wild, kissing her husband before marriage and just living life the way that she wants to do it. Now, Radar Online is sharing that Amy Duggar is actually not able to go out with the Duggar girls, even though she is more than welcome to go over to their house and spend time with her cousins. You won’t see them heading out to dinner or hanging out without Jim Bob and Michelle around them.

This news all came out on Amy Duggar’s Instagram page, where she was asked about her Duggar cousins coming to her house and hanging out with her. Amy shared that this doesn’t happen because it actually isn’t allowed at all. Amy shared the rule and how it works.

“It’s a rule…that if I want to spend quality time with them, I have to come see them. They don’t want me to influence them.”

Amy Duggar shared that this used to bother her, but now Amy is used to it. It had to be hard for her to get used to this rule, but it looks like Amy has figured it out. Amy went on to explain how she just deals with it now.

“It used to really bother me and then I realized that I just live knowing that God gives us grace. I can only be myself and even though we don’t see eye to eye on every little thing we are still family and I do still love them. I respect their standards and I don’t fuss about it.”

Amy Duggar has been seen on the show 19 Kids and Counting more than once, and fans really do like her. Amy is a lot of fun and knows how to have a good time. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don’t want their girls to even hold hands before they are engaged, and it sounds like they feel like Amy Duggar could influence their daughters to do things that don’t meet their standards.

Christian Today shared that Amy Duggar and her husband Dillon King recently went and got matching tattoos done. This is another example of something that Amy Duggar has done that Jim Bob and Michelle obviously don’t want their children learning from and deciding to get done. Their tattoos say “Rest in the storm.”

Now, the Duggar girls are still allowed to be around their brother Josh Duggar, regardless of what he has done over the past few years. Amy Duggar spoke out not long ago about her thoughts on Josh’s big scandal by posting about it on her blog.

“I was completely shocked just like the rest of the world. Rage came over me, sadness crept in, and reality set in that the person I had known my entire life turned out to be a fraud, and a complete stranger. I’ve always heard that there were people in this world that lived a double life, but I never thought that someone so close to home would be living a lie.”

Are you shocked to hear that Amy Duggar isn’t allowed to hang out with the girls at her house or out on their own? Do you think that Jim Bob and Michelle are taking it too far by not allowing this? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss the Duggars when they return to television in Jill & Jessa: Counting On.

[Image Via Instagram]