Queen Elizabeth’s Change Of Heart Over Princess Diana Revealed From Her ‘Inner Circle’

Queen Elizabeth’s change of heart over Princess Diana is revealed by members of her “inner circle.”

The Daily Mail published a report that reveals what a few insiders close to the queen know about her views of the royal she once couldn’t stand and at one point referred to as “quite mad.”

The Express just reported that Princess Diana was voted most iconic woman of all time nearly twenty years after her death. She beat others like pop queen Madonna and Britain’s first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. The research was conducted by Foxy Bingo.

A friend of the queen said when she was chatting with her over tea at Windsor Castle about all eight of her grandchildren and when the subject of Prince William and Prince Harry came up, she smiled and paused.

The queen has a distinctly different way of thinking about Diana than she once infamously did. She now feels that perhaps she has a lot to “thank” Diana for, after all.

When Diana was alive, the queen’s friend says, “she felt the pretty girl was a misfit who didn’t quite contribute to the things they did and what they wanted her to do in the family.”

“There was no real compatibility. Initially she was sympathetic, but later on I don’t think she felt sorry for her, not really.”

Now, almost at the age of 90, Queen Elizabeth looks upon Princess Diana with a “certain gratitude.”

Queen Elizabeth came from a time when the stiff upper lip and hiding any private problems from the public was essential in the royal family. She was literally thrown for a loop when Diana married into the monarchy and made waves within the family soon thereafter — all the while appealing to the people. Commoners and the world alike admired her, despite rebelling against “The Firm.”

Queen Elizabeth didn’t look fondly towards Diana when she exploited the issues in her marriage she had with Prince Charles and wasn’t enthusiastic about her work with AIDS victims and drawing attention to issues people don’t like to talk about, according to Diana’s former police bodyguard, Inspector Ken Wharfe.

“The Princess wasn’t put off by the Queen’s reaction. She told me she’d told Her Majesty that it was ‘important work,’ ” Wharfe said. “Believe me, Diana wasn’t the airhead she was sometimes portrayed as. She knew what she was talking about when it came to AIDS.”

Queen Elizabeth now acknowledges the work Princess Diana has done and how she’s helped those severely sick slice through barriers to live better lives by having the public understand their plights to a more significant degree.

“She would never say now that Diana hasn’t contributed to the family,” says the friend. “She sees how much Diana radiates out of William and Harry and the effect they have on ordinary people. It is Diana that they see. That sense of fun, that easy way with people.”

Who would have envisioned the queen changing her views on Diana at this point in her life? They were at odds over so many things, but now that she sees the humanity and compassion Princes William and Harry have with everyday people, she has a sense of relief in knowing that the monarchy is in safe hands. Queen Elizabeth has an appreciation for Princess Diana in a way that she didn’t before. Diana has contributed vastly to the state of the British royal family after all of its scandals and dramas. Princes William and Harry are popular with the people and the overwhelming majority credit their mother for that.

[Photo by Terry Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images]