Could Harry Styles Be On ‘Scream Queens’?

Could Harry Styles be on Scream Queens next season? Producers are being very secretive about their plans for the new season, so there is no way to confirm the information, but rumors are flying, according to Ecumenical News. FOX is being quite the tease, telling website readers that casting will be announced at a later date, allowing rumors to circulate as excitement builds over all the grand possibilities.

Harry Styles on Scream Queens would be huge news, but so far, it is just a rumor. Parent Herald seems to be hinting at the possibility, but comes short of saying it. Mentioning Harry at the very end of an article about Scream Queens is not very committal, but it is probably a hint.

If Harry Styles is to be on Scream Queens, it would be great news for Styles fans and lovers of the show alike. Fans are missing Harry since the One Dimension hiatus, so seeing him on Scream Queens would be a delightful treat. Rumors are very unclear about the nature of roles to be assigned for next season, as they keep plot and cast under wraps.

The only news they have leaked so far is that the next season will have a hospital setting, and at least some of the roles available will be doctors. It is still impossible to know for sure if there might be a doctor Harry Styles on Scream Queens, or if he would be a main character, special guest star, or perhaps a recurring character, though recurring seems a bit more likely. We know that music is Harry’s top priority right now, and he has been extremely focused on making an album. Becoming a main character might make too many demands on his time.

Harry Styles has been seen around Scream Queens star Ariana Grande quite a bit recently. The Inquisitr reports that Harry has been working with Grande to write new songs for her. There is also a strong possibility that Ariana could be featured on his new album. The two have reportedly been working closely on a variety of music projects, and could very easily be planning to co-star, or co-guest star, on a TV show, as well. Ariana has appeared on the show last season, and was very well received. It seems assumed that she will be back this season. Perhaps her character will recur on the show.

Singer Ariana Grande
Singer Ariana Grande (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Is Harry Styles preparing to be on Scream Queens? Perhaps he is hoping Ariana Grande might help him get the part? It could also be the other way around, Ariana could be trying to negotiate with Harry, informally of course, to secure him for the show. We know Styles has been saying his future could include TV as a way to further his career, but he is very wrapped up in producing his new album at the moment, so it is hard to know how much time he would be willing to devote to a TV role in the coming season. It probably depends on his album production schedule.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Still there have been tantalizing rumors, based on a quote last summer by Lea Michele. She had reason to believe a very famous British pop musician could be joining the cast of Scream Queens, and we know that description matches Styles more than just about anyone else.

“I don’t know if this is true, but he [Ryan Murphy] said at a press thing recently that he is talking to a male pop star to come for next year. If it’s Harry Styles, everybody better calm down.”

Harry could be on Scream Queens with his good friend, Ariana Grande. The two have been collaborating on music a lot recently. Perhaps it would be helpful to Harry if his television acting debut were on a show with a friend. It should make him more comfortable. Hopefully he would jump at the chance, but we will have to wait and see, because FOX is not giving anything away about the second season of SQ.

Will Harry Styles be on Scream Queens next season?

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