‘Grey’s Anatomy’ News: Katie Bryce Returns, Who Is Meredith And Derek’s First Patient?

Tonight on Grey’s Anatomy viewers will be introduced to a character from the very first season once again. Katie Bryce will be showing up on Grey’s Anatomy. If you have watched the show from the start, you may remember her. Bustle shared the details about Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd’s first patient, who will be showing back up once again tonight. Everyone may not remember what happened with Katie Bryce 12 seasons ago on Grey’s Anatomy, but she is back again tonight. This was a very important patient from Meredith and Derek’s past that will stir up a lot of memories.

When Katie Bryce first showed up on Grey’s Anatomy, she was just 16-years-old, and was there because of a twisted ankle that was from a rhythmic gymnastics move gone wrong. She ended up having seizures, and Derek brought in Christina Yang and Meredith Grey to work with him on the case. This was the first case that viewers saw Meredith and Derek together. Of course, on Grey’s Anatomy, nothing is ever easy, and there were a lot of problems on this case that they had to figure out.

On this episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith Grey figured out that Katy had an aneurysm and impressed Derek by figuring this out. They did end up having to operate on her brain, and Meredith Grey got the chance to be by Derek during this surgery. Christina was mad because she thought that Meredith was getting special treatment because she had slept with Derek. This was just the very start of their relationship.

Tonight on Grey’s Anatomy, Katie Bryce will show up once again, and she is there because of having seizures once again. Katie will be played by Skyler Shaye again, and of course, this is going to bring up some big memories for Meredith Grey seeing her once again. Everyone misses Derek, but this episode will be one where he is coming up often. Meredith Grey remembers the exact surgery the first time they did it, and how it all went down. Hopefully they will give viewers some great Grey’s Anatomy flashbacks so we can all see Derek Shepherd one more time.

Design & Trend shared a few more spoilers about what will happen on Grey’s Anatomy tonight. This will be Season 12 Episode 12, and Meredith Grey and Amelia Shepherd are still not seeing eye to eye about things. Meredith considers Katie her patient, but now that Derek is gone, Amelia is going to be the brain surgeon in charge and is ready to take over. The two are not going to be able to agree on this one easily.