‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: April Refuses To Tell Jackson She’s Pregnant, How Long Can She Keep The Secret?

Grey’s Anatomy fans are really rooting for April and Jackson to get back together even though in last week’s episode the couple finalized their divorce in a very heartbreaking way.

However, it was the end of the most recent Grey’s Anatomy that has everyone talking. April came home to her apartment to reflect on the end of her marriage to Jackson and was greeted by Arizona, who brought lots of different kinds of alcohol to help April cope with her divorce. However, April declined and revealed to her friend that she was pregnant, and of course the baby is Jackson’s as the pair had been sleeping together on and off while trying to figure out what to do about their damaged relationship.

E! Online reports that April will keep her huge pregnant secret from Jackson as the pair sadly struggle with moving on from their marriage. Although April never wanted to get a divorce, it was Jackson who thought it would be much easier to end the marriage and move on, even though the two work together and would see one another on a daily basis.

Grey's Anatomy: Jackson and April expecting baby no. 2.
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Grey’s Anatomy fans will see April deal with the fact that she’s pregnant, which is hard for her for a couple of different reasons. Of course, April and Jackson had a son once before, Samuel, who was diagnosed with a rare illness while still in the womb. However, April being the Christian woman that she is refused to terminate the pregnancy and gave birth to the baby boy months later. He sadly died moments after his birth, which is really what began the end of Jackson and April’s relationship.

Fans of the Grey’s Anatomy super couple then watched as the pair fell apart in their grief over losing their first born child. Finally, April decided that she needed to get away from Seattle and her job at the hospital and signed up for a tour in the military as a doctor with Owen. Sadly, April decided to stay away for much longer than Jackson anticipated and when she finally returned home he was too hurt to forgive her. Now, April is pregnant again and probably worried for the safety of her unborn child after the heartbreak she suffered the first time around.

Now that April and Jackson are divorced and have sadly signed papers confirming the end of their marriage, Grey’s Anatomy viewers will be on the edge of their seats waiting to find out how and when Jackson will finally find out that April is having his baby, which could mean that the couple will possibly get back together. (We hope!)

Grey's Anatomy: Jackson and April after welcoming late son Samuel.
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Actor Jesse Williams, who plays the handsome Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy, has given his thoughts on the Jackson/April relationship and what may happen between the two fan favorite characters this season.

“It’s a hell of a season for us. We’re putting together a lot of really interesting bumps on this roller coaster. You know what, I do think there’s hope. It might just be a sliver, but there is hope.”

“In many ways, they are each other’s person and have been since well before they began a romantic relationship, so there’s a lot of investment there, and all of that adds to the sense of betrayal and disappointment on Jackson’s end. He really felt abandoned by her and it’s hard to, even with all your best intentions, forget that. But that’s where they find themselves.”

What are your thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy‘s big pregnancy shocker? Do you want to see April and Jackson get back together?

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