Celine Dion Ticket Prices Soar As The Singer Returns To Caesar’s Palace

Celine Dion has returned to the stage in her first performance following the death of her husband, Rene Angelil. According to Billboard, Celine Dion returned to the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace last Tuesday, February 23, 2015, in her first show back after her family tragedy.

To mark the occasion, Celine Dion chose to begin her performance with a special tribute to Rene Angelil, and she allowed her fans all over the world to share the moment with her by choosing to live stream the tribute part of the show around the world. She announced a special event via her website, inviting her fans and the public at large to “salute her return and witness with us live Celine’s love tribute to Rene as we all take a trip down memory lane.”

Many fans have wondered how Celine Dion managed to stay strong following the death of her husband and how she was able to return to work so soon, especially since her work involves her being heavily scrutinized in the public eye. Closer Weekly looked into this question and found out that Celine Dion navigated this difficult and emotional time by “busily throwing herself into the daily duties of being a mom.”

As it turns out, it was in her daily family duties that Celine Dion was able to find some peace following the death of her husband. She and the late Rene Angelil shared three children: Rene-Charles, 15, and twins Eddie and Nelson, 5.

She threw herself into her family’s daily activities: getting everyone ready for bed, navigating play dates, and driving back and forth from hockey practice.

Closer Weekly reports that not only did the daily family routines help Celine Dion to navigate those first few weeks following the death of her husband after a lengthy battle with cancer of the throat, but having their mom once again involved in their day-to-day lives helped her three sons to work through the difficult time as well.

A source told Closer Weekly that as much as Celine Dion was tempted to curl up into a ball following the death of her husband, she knew that it is not what her late husband and the father of her three children would have wanted.

Not only was the late Rene Angelil Celine Dion’s husband, but he was also her manager and had been since she was in her early teens. It is for this reason that Celine Dion chose to honor Rene as part of her return to the stage at Caesars Palace. According to the source, Celine Dion believes that the best way to honor her late husband was to get back to work at Caesars Palace. The source went on to say that Celine Dion is “tougher than many give her credit for,” and that her focus is on maintaining a semblance of normalcy for her children and on moving ahead following the tragedy.

Not only did Celine Dion lose her husband in early January 2016, but in a cruel twist, her 59-year-old brother passed away two days later, also following a lengthy battle with cancer. As Forbes reported, fortunately, the onslaught of family tragedies has not impacted Celine Dion financially as well as emotionally. Following the two deaths in Celine Dion’s family, her fans were left wondering what would happen to her ongoing commitment at Caesars Palace and her international concerts scheduled in France and Belgium. Luckily for fans, Celine Dion has continued to honor her commitments, and Forbes noted that the secondary market has seen a huge rush in demand for tickets to Celine Dion’s concerts.

Celine Dion is scheduled to remain at Caesars Palace until 2016, after which she will begin her overseas performances. On June 25, 2016, Celine Dion will perform in Paris, France, with ticket prices beginning at $402. Forbes reports that Celine Dion’s Las Vegas shows earn her approximately $476,000 per show, beating out Britney Spears, who earns slightly less at $475,000 per performance.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]