‘Mob Wives’ Karen Gravano Spills Some More Tea On Drita D’Avanzo’s Husband Lee

Was Karen Gravano the one who was mentioning Lee D’Avanzo’s name around town? Drita certainly seemed to think so. On the latest episode of Mob Wives, Drita D’Avanzo made clear that she was going to do something to Karen after accusing her of being the one who was spreading gossip involving Lee and Marissa Jade’s boyfriend, OZ.

As the episode aired, Karen, who live-tweeted the episode, didn’t actually deny the accusation. Karen did, however, take another jab at Drita by tweeting that someone’s husband had no problem visiting her father while he was in the witness protection program. While Karen didn’t give a specific name, it’s pretty obvious that she’s speaking about Drita’s husband because of what was being shown on Wednesday night’s episode.


Karen also re-tweeted several tweets from viewers that defended her. One person asked when it was that Karen mentioned Lee’s name.


Another tweet that Karen re-tweeted pointed out that Drita just assumed it was Karen who talked.


Karen also re-tweeted a tweet that told Drita that Karen still seems to be doing well.


On the previous episode, Marissa Jade learned that someone was going around town saying that Drita D’Avanzo’s husband, Lee D’Avanzo, called her boyfriend, OZ, to talk about how the women should play nice. Marissa was mad that someone was saying that because OZ, being on parole, could get in trouble if it came out that he was talking to another felon. After some of the other women hinted that it could have been Drita, Marissa confronted Drita about it. Drita, in shock, denied ever doing such a thing and asked Marissa who accused her. Marissa said “everybody.” After thinking for a bit, Drita had someone in mind as the responsible culprit.

“I know who said that. I’m gonna hurt them.”

In her interview, Drita, after using the process of elimination, laid the blame on Karen Gravano.

“The only f***ing big-mouth, big t**ted, pretzel-eating, s**t rat, who doesn’t f***ing stop talking about Lee, is Karen Gravano. That’s all Karen does.”

Karen actually dated Lee for several years before his marriage to Drita. Several clips were shown of Karen mentioning Lee’s name and their past relationship in past seasons.

On the latest Mob Wives episode, Karen Gravano spoke at length about Lee D’Avanzo. Brittany Fogarty told Karen that Drita D’Avanzo is saying that “Karen is going around talking about the men and that Karen is obsessed with her husband Lee.” Karen points out that it was Marissa Jade who brought up the subject of the men and angrily denied being obsessed with Lee.

Karen then gives Brittany the backstory on her and Lee. She tells Brittany that 20 years ago, when she and Lee were living together, they went to visit her father in prison. She said that her father told Lee that he had to step up and show him what kind of man he can be for his daughter. “When Lee heard this he ran away” Karen said. Karen then told Brittany to let Drita now that “she has a man who is twice the man that Lee could ever hope to be.” The episode ended without Drita and Karen in a direct confrontation.

Drita, who usually live-tweets the episodes, apologized for not live-tweeting the latest one. She indicated that she wasn’t up to watching the show because of co-star and good friend Angela “Big Ang” Raiola’s recent death.


Given how much Mob Wives thrives on drama, it’s likely that viewers will see Drita D’Avanzo directly accusing and confronting Karen Gravano about talking about her husband in a future episode. Viewers will apparently also see them go at it on the season 6 reunion show. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a source has said that at the reunion filming, Drita lunged at Karen and had to be stopped by security.

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