February 24, 2016
One Direction Fans Are Really Mad At What Just Happened To Louis Tomlinson

Life as a One Direction fan can be really infuriating and bewildering. One Direction fans are famously loyal to Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan, and it must be said that One Direction's fans are less than tolerant of those who fail to give their favorites they respect they deserve. U.K. tabloid the Sun and its head of showbiz reporting, Dan Wootton, hold a very special place in the hearts of many One Direction fans, but not in a good way. The very mention of the Sun is like a dagger to the heart of many One Direction fans.

The problem is that the Sun's coverage on One Direction in general, and on Louis Tomlinson in particular, is rarely flattering. It was the Sun that broke the story that Louis Tomlinson was to become the first One Direction dad. It was the Sun that claimed incorrectly that Louis had been thrown out of hotel after trashing his room during the latter part of One Direction's last tour.

Most tellingly of all, it was the Sun, through Dan Wootton, who claimed that One Direction's forthcoming hiatus was primarily caused by a bad personal relationship between bandmates Louis and Harry Styles. Many One Direction felt that Tomlinson was being made a scapegoat as blame for the split was laid at Tomlinson's feet as they claimed that the One Direction boys could not bear to be in the same room.

"Apart from Harry and Louis, no one knows exactly what caused the falling out — they didn't even tell the other boys the full details."

"But it was very serious and their friendship has never recovered. Everyone involved in [One Direction] is well aware of the animosity between them."

Tomlinson was accused of manipulating the other members of One Direction and of having "made some ridiculous decisions, like refusing to let One Direction perform at the Brit Awards because they wanted more time off." As a result many of One Direction's fans are not at all happy with the Sun.

Given the paper's stance on One Direction and on Tomlinson, many One Direction fans were furious this evening when Louis and Liam Payne rolled up on the red carpet at this year's Brit Awards. Almost unbelievably, and to the dismay of many One Direction fans, they were interviewed by none other than Dan Wootton.

To their credit, the One Direction boys played along, and Louis even pasted on a smile. The same cannot be said of One Direction fans who took to social media in their droves to voice their disgust.
It is widely known that the Sun is closely connected with Simon Cowell and the rest of the One Direction management team, a fact that One Direction fans were quick to point out.
In other One Direction news, the Telegraph reports that Tomlinson and Payne arrived at the Brit Awards earlier today to represent the band. One Direction are in the running to add to their already vast collection of music industry awards. The smart money is on One Direction collecting at least the best video award for "Drag Me Down." That award is voted for by fans, and when it comes to harnessing fan power, few can match One Direction.

Sadly for the many One Direction fans who gathered hoping for a glimpse of all four boys, it appears at present that neither Niall Horan or Harry Styles will be attending this evenings festivities. There are rumors circulating amongst the One Direction fandom that Styles and Horan may make a surprise visit but, at the time of writing, this has not happened.

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]