‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: New Set Photos Tease A Death, Returns, And More

Once Upon a Time fans have only two more weeks to wait for the return of the series to ABC, and the cast is still hard at work filming new episodes for the rest of Once Upon a Time Season 5.

This week, it appears from new set photos that the cast filmed Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 20 this week. New Once Upon a Time set photos shared by Spoiler TV feature Jennifer Morrison in a scene with a woman that appears near death. She has not been seen on the series before, but Spoiler TV shared spoilers that revealed the woman to be a bail bonds woman.

Emma is featured in the photos, but this could very well be a flash back to her past. Could this woman have started Emma down her own career path? When Henry found her, Emma was a bail bonds woman herself.

No other details about the episode have been released, but Adam Horowitz shared the title of the episode on his Twitter account. The script page teaser shows that Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 20 is titled “Firebird.”

Other photos from the set from Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 19 were also shared by Spoiler TV, and the photos feature Rebecca Mader and Robbie Kay. The two standing together is likely not a good thing.

In addition to the new set photos, there is new casting news for the series as well. Fans will see a pirate by the name of Captain Silver pop up during Season 5 of Once Upon a Time. Entertainment Tonight Online reported that Costas Mandylor has been cast in the role.

“As of now, details surrounding this mysterious newcomer are being kept locked away in the depths of the sea, but we can share that Captain Silver definitely has some rough-watered history with Killian Jones, aka Captain Hook. Mandylor will make his swashbuckling debut in an upcoming episode this spring in Once Upon a Time’s fifth season.”

The news outlet also speculated that Captain Silver is Long John Silver from Treasure Island, and it was teased that Captain Silver will have a history with Killian Jones. That history and all other details about the character are being kept under wraps for the time being.

With the cast hard at work filming new episodes, there are some rumors floating around. One fan asked TV Line about a rumor surrounding Sean Maguire, the actor behind Robin Hood. There are rumors floating around that the actor has left the series, but for now the rumors are just that – rumors.

Michael Ausiello reported that he would ask about the status of Robin Hood when he visits the set of the series. The cast scheduled a special party for the 100th episode of the series for February 20. The episode is the first episode that will air when the series returns to ABC on March 6.

There is a lot that will happen during the second half of Once Upon a Time Season 5. Fans will see Emma try to save Hook from the Underworld, but there will be a lot of familiar faces that will pop up. Fans will also meet Hades, Hercules, Meg, and a grown-up Dorothy during the second half of Season 5.

In addition to the new faces, characters like Cora, Peter Pan, and Cruella Deville will make their presences felt once again.

With only two weeks left until the spring premiere of Once Upon a Time, fans are preparing for the next twists and turns on this series.

Are you ready for the return of Once Upon a Time? The series returns to ABC on March 6.

[Photo via ABC]