February 23, 2016
Bookbub Is Luring Book Lovers To Site For Great Deals

Ten years ago, when you thought about buying books it would be at a Borders, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon, but e-books didn't come into play when it came into getting a great price on the latest release, delivered right to your tablet or phone.

But recently, Huffington Post reported that it wasn't Amazon that publishers should fear, but Bookbub, which offers some deals, albeit temporary, which are not to be found anywhere else. And Bookbub isn't just rehashing the things already on the market, but works that others deemed "unsellable" that turned out to be bestsellers.

Bookbub deals directly with authors, especially those publishing e-book-only offerings. It is just one more format for those whose books have been rejected by publishers.
Headlines & Global News says that readers are obsessed with the Bookbub site. Sure, e-books are cheaper than physical books, but did you know they can be free, if you are in the right place at the right time, and if you are not too picky about what you read, you can get a whole library without paying much, if anything,

Bookbub has been called the "Groupon of e-books" by The Guardian, and sends out emails to its members about discounted or free books. Bookbub offered Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code free for a whole week while promoting his new novel, Inferno. The offering included a free first chapter of Inferno. But though they take authors that others reject, it is still not easy to get picked up by Bookbub, as they also reject 80-90 percent of titles they are offered.

"There's a good reason for this. They don't want to paralyze their subscribers with too many choices. They know if subscribers trust them to only market a few stellar books at a time, they have a better chance of keeping that subscriber happy and making money off them," Alvear wrote.

Lifehacker is revealing that for book lovers, Bookbub is an easy program to sign up for. And Bookbub is not a free service because it only serves one platform. Whether you have a Nook, a Kindle, or just an iPad, you can get books through Bookbub. To see what is available, all you have to offer up is your email address.
"Some of the discounts are time-based, but if you see one you like, you can select the retailer you prefer, buy and download it, and start reading it immediately. You can customize the types of books and categories you're interested in, so you don't get pelted with deals on romance novels, for example, if you're interested in classic literature."
You can easily choose from a list what you are interested in reading, and what offers you would like to see. It's that simple. And if you check it, you will see that some items are free or seriously discounted for a day or two, so the more often you check in, the easier it is for you to jump on some great deals.
There is no catch or hook. If you are looking to add to your e-library, give Bookbub a try.

Have you tried Bookbub? If so, have you had a good or bad experience?

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