Deadpool Should Follow Spider-Man To The Marvel Cinematic Universe [Opinion]

Deadpool In Marvel Studios Movies

Deadpool is a very special Marvel property. He’s pretty much the only character that’s aware that all the world is (literally) a stage and that nothing happening around him is real. That kind of unique capability would make Deadpool the perfect “vessel” for studio crossovers — more so than Spider-Man.

We all thought it was a big deal when Sony caved and allowed the popular web-slinger to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Should things go well or Marvel and Sony — and they probably will thanks to all the excitement — I hope it opens the door to studios seeing the benefit of bringing Marvel characters together. After all, you have to admit that certain storylines across multiple studios have suffered thanks to a lack of characters to play with.

For instance the “Iron Patriot”? You may know him as James Rhodes or War Machine in the movies. However, this was originally Norman Osborne in the comics. While Kingpin has been a noted Daredevil villain (in comics, movieverse, and the recent TV series), the character also crossed paths with Spider-Man. X-Men character Storm was married to future Avenger Black Panther and an Avenger herself at one point. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) also had an interesting link with X-Men character Rogue. I have to say it will be interesting seeing that character displaying powers that the movieverse Rogue has thus far lacked.

As for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, although it’s certainly highly anticipated…just imagine how much more anticipated it would have been with all the Marvel characters affected. Such is the price of division. If there’s money to be made for multiple studios, why not bring everyone together?

Deadpool is the perfect icebreaker for making this happen. This character would be perfectly aware of everything that’s going on across multiple cinematic universes thanks to his “meta” nature, and so there would be no need to introduce him or have him play catch-up. Because of his brutal anti-hero status, he could play the role of hero or villain with hilarious glee.

Even the “bloodless” nature of the PG-13 movies wouldn’t daunt him, and you could bet he would have plenty of fourth-wall-breaking humor to account for the decreased violence.

Some may wonder why anyone would want to use Deadpool as a tool to bring the Marvel Universe together across multiple movie studios. Well, I’m predicting it may be a necessary gimmick by the time Phase III of the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to a close. We’ve got a few years to go before everything wraps up, and major players are introduced, killed, or re-introduced.

And that’s not including the additional crowding of comic book movies we’ll experience thanks to Warner Bros. eagerly trying to jumpstart the DC Cinematic Universe. Already we’ve seen that merely putting out a comic book movie isn’t enough to guarantee success. Meanwhile, readily dismissed products like Deadpool manage to far exceed everyone’s expectations.

Deadpool has its own unique humor and spin on the Marvel universe. Because of that, it may be shielded from the eventual familiarity that makes hard for Marvel properties (or even DC properties) to continue to generate excitement across the board. Sooner rather than later, we’ll arrive a “now what?” scenario.

“How about some Deadpool in your Marvel Cinematic Universe?” If 20th Century Fox and Disney/Marvel Studios (and maybe even Sony) can shake hands on it by the time Phase IV does roll around, things could get really rewarding for moviegoers. Of course, this is just a personal wish. However, as Comicbook Movie points out, there’s already evidence that the Deadpool movie already laid the groundwork for this to happen.

Do you think Deadpool should pay a visit to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Do you think studios should begin to try to cross over Marvel characters? Share your thoughts below!

[Image via screen grab from Marvel Entertainment/20th Century Fox/YouTube