WWE News: WWE Planning Potental Triple Threat For WWE Divas Title At 'WrestleMania 32'

WWE Divas Champion, Charlotte, has become WWE's new top Diva. This is a big thing for WWE, as Nikki Bella might be out for the rest of the year and although Brie Bella is still around, Nikki was the star twin. Whether it was due to her relationship with John Cena or not, she was at the top for a while and became the top girl in the division. Now with her out, WWE needs a girl to use at the top, and Charlotte fit.

She came up with Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch months ago as part of WWE's Diva Revolution. It turned out to be a huge flop, not because WWE did not have the talent, but rather because they did not know how to use everyone. They tried to push all the girls at once, and turned into a big cluster of craziness. They paired them all up in groups, and it just seemed to be a bad idea from the start.

Now, WWE is trying to use the girls right, and they have allowed them to work singles. Becky Lynch and Charlotte have excelled on their own, and Sasha Banks is now trying to prove she can succeed alone, as well. Her return at the Royal Rumble was well received by the live crowd and many at home. The thought is that Banks could be a top babyface or heel for WWE, but she needs a bit of help to get there.

Four Horsewomen NXT
[Image via WWE]According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is pairing up Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch because they want some of Becky's crowd love to trickle down and fall to Sasha. This would allow for Banks to get a big push to the WWE Divas Title at WrestleMania 32. The plan is to have Brie Bella face off with Charlotte at WWE Fast Lane just to give the Divas something on the program, and allow Charlotte to stay fresh in the mind of all fans. This was also seen as a niceness move, due to Nikki being out with an injury.

Charlotte is set to retain, and the hope is that Banks will be over enough with the crowd to go in as the top Diva babyface for WrestleMania 32.

There have been discussions of having a triple threat match with Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 32 for the WWE Divas Championship, as well. The idea clearly would be having Charlotte enter as the heel, with Becky coming in as the clear babyface. Meanwhile, Sasha would play a bit of a tweener role, where she would be the ultimate wildcard.

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[Image via WWE]It has been widely assumed for months that Sasha and Charlotte would work with each other for WrestleMania, but it was uncertain for a while. This was especially an issue due to WWE keeping Team B.A.D. together. Now that this is gone, all signs point to Banks working against Charlotte. Adding in Lynch could only help. Many would put this as a match to keep your eyes on.

Long gone would be the days of taking a bathroom break during the WWE Diva match. This time around, you would do it during another match, as the ladies could deliver one of the greatest female matches ever for WrestleMania. If WWE allows it, the girls could steal the show and force the guys to work twice as hard to outdo them. If what we have seen in WWE NXT is any indication, the women have a habit out of outdoing the men a lot. It would not be out of the norm for that to come to the main roster if this triple threat goes down.

We will have to wait and see how WWE sets things up. Regardless, it seems WWE will be using Sasha Banks and Charlotte for WrestleMania. It remains to be seen what WWE decides for Becky Lynch, but it would be a nice thing to see, having all three wrestle for the title on the grandest stage of them all.

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