Briana Jungwirth Goes To War With Larry Stylinson Shippers And Louis Tomlinson Fans, Hires Legal Team

Briana Jungwirth has had it with the Larry Stylinson shippers who can’t accept the indisputable fact that she had a baby with One Direction star Louis Tomlinson. The mother of Louis’ child is not romantically involved with him anymore, but this hasn’t stopped the darkest of the dark Larries from harassing Briana and members of her family.

As Cosmopolitan points out, many One Direction fans did not take the news well when they learned that Briana Jungwirth was pregnant with Louis Tomlinson’s child. Some of these fans were perhaps a little too obsessed with Louis, and others were Larry Stylinson shippers, or Larries. These are members of the One Direction fandom who believe that Louis and Harry Styles are secret gay lovers, and Briana’s baby ruined the Larries’ fantasy that Harry and Louis only spend time with attractive women because they’re trying to hide their homosexual relationship.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Larries aren’t dying out in response to the birth of Louis and Briana’s baby—they’ve even dreamed up a conspiracy theory that Louis Tomlinson named Freddie Reign after a member of their fandom who creates Larry Stylinson videos and posts them on YouTube under the user name “freddieismyqueen.”

Most Larries are harmless conspiracy theorists, but some of them have managed to seriously upset Briana Jungwirth and her family members. According to the Daily Mail, Briana Jungwirth is tired of being harassed by the obsessive One Direction fans who are unhappy that Freddie Reign exists, so she’s going to war with them.

One of Briana Jungwirth’s relatives recently told the Daily Mail that her family has hired lawyers to help them deal with the daily abuse from One Direction fans. This abuse includes accusations that Briana purposely tried to get pregnant to get her hands on a portion of Louis Tomlinson’s massive fortune, which is also a claim that a few tabloids have been making. However, Gossip Cop recently debunked reports that Briana only had a baby to “get a sizable part” of Louis’ wealth.

In addition to attacking Briana by calling her a gold digger, and even threatening to kill her, Directioners have allegedly attempted to hack the social media accounts of her family members.

“It has been an onslaught, the fans are attacking and breaking in to our social media profiles, trying to get our passwords, calling our homes at all hours of the day and night,” the family source revealed.

“We’re receiving hundreds of abusive emails and messages, people are setting up fake profiles on social media pretending to be in the family, they are even posting our personal information online, it’s relentless. We have tried to ignore much of it, but recently some fans have crossed the line and we have instructed attorneys to get involved.”

It’s unclear exactly what Briana Jungwirth and her family members expect their lawyers to do about all the abuse, but perhaps they’re exploring their legal options when it comes to the One Direction fans whose behavior is actually threatening. According to Mashable, some social media threats can warrant criminal cases.

“If someone makes a death threat, online or offline, there’s no difference in the way it’s treated,” lawyer Bradley Shear explains. “Whatever laws exist in the real world are usually applied to a threat in the digital world.”

It’s also possible that Briana Jungwirth and her family members are consulting with legal experts because they want to see if there’s any way to go after the numerous One Direction fans who have started impersonating them on social media. Briana’s aunt reportedly did what she could to keep Louis fans and Larries from spreading their Briana hate and Freddie conspiracy theories online by registering the domain name and a few other similar domain names like However, this doesn’t seem to stop fans from using Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to attack Briana Jungwirth and her family members.

While Briana and her family members are seeking legal help, it seems as though Louis Tomlinson isn’t a huge fan of lawyers. As TMZ points out, most attorneys would have advised Louis to force Briana to take a paternity test before agreeing to fork over child support for the next 18 years. However, Louis has opted against requesting a DNA test because he trusts Briana and believes that she was faithful to him while they were dating. Louis’ relationship with Briana is often portrayed as a fling that didn’t mean anything, but TMZ is claiming that the parents used to be pretty serious.

It might be a good thing that Briana Jungwirth and Louis Tomlinson are no longer together—just imagine how unhinged the One Direction fans who are harassing Briana would have become if there was a chance that she and Louis might get married and move in together someday.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]