Sam Dreher, Michael Minor: 'Dateline NBC' -- Murder Of Firefighter Killed In Fatal Shooting By Cheating Wife's Lover Sets The Scene For Next Episode

Sam Dreher, the Sarasota firefighter who was killed in a fatal shooting by Michael Minor, his wife's lover, is the next jaw-dropping story to air on Dateline NBC tonight. In a brand new episode, "Tangled Web," Dateline correspondents will dig deep into the case of a cheating scandal that grew so large it left a local hero dead and a hole in the hearts of family members who believe the mastermind in his killing has gotten away with murder.

In Dateline's "Tangled Web," you'll hear from Sam Presley Dreher's family members, who are continuing to fight for justice for his senseless death. Michael Minor is the man who was ultimately convicted in his death. Minor was the 27-year-old lover of Sam Dreher's estranged wife, Danielle Dreher, according to ABC News. Now, the family is hoping tonight's Dateline NBC episode will garner some attention that could possibly lead to more evidence that could lead to yet another arrest.


Sam Dreher, a veteran lieutenant and medic for the Charlotte County Fire Department, was shot and killed in 2012 after a fatal encounter with a man who was breaking into his car. Authorities say that Dreher confronted the man, and the two had an altercation before Michael Minor took out his gun and shot Dreher twice as he tried to run away. The fallen hero was later transported to the local hospital, where he received life support and later died that night. The incident took place at some apartments located at 5070 Central Sarasota Parkway.

After Sam Dreher's murder, police had the task of trying to find out who had shot the well-respected fireman in cold blood. Within days, they had made an arrest in the case, after learning that Michael Minor was the man responsible for the fatal shooting and was the lover of Sam Dreher's estranged wife, Danielle Dreher.


The investigation revealed that 43-year-old Danielle Dreher had been involved with Minor for about four years but was still obsessed with what her husband was doing, according to Michael Minor's statements as quoted by the Herald Tribune.

"Danielle was really obsessed with what her husband was doing with this woman."

Michael Minor met Danielle Dreher on an online website for married people who want to cheat. Sources say that for months, Michael Minor was spying on Sam Dreher because Danielle had become obsessed with her estranged hubby and his new lover.

Michael Minor was booked into the county jail, where he faced murder and burglary charges. By 2014, his trial date had been set, but Minor was able to make a plea deal in order to avoid a trial. For his plea, he received a 30-year sentence in prison.

Danielle Dreher was never convicted in her husband's death. She was convicted of burglary for which she received three years in prison. And that's what Sam Dreher's sister, Cindy Lutz, is angry about. In an interview with NBC-2 News, she stated that she believes that Danielle Dreher got away with murder.

"It's a little bit nerve-wracking, but I'm hoping it will bring attention to the case.() "I am upset and concerned that she hasn't been charged based on her involvement. I believe the facts of the case show she is responsible to a degree for his murder."


Sam's death devastated not only his family but community members and fellow officers who looked up to him for his courage and dedication to saving lives. Dateline NBC's retelling of the love triangle that went wrong airs tonight at 10/9 central. Let us know what you think. Did Michael Minor kill Sam Dreher because Danielle made him do it? Use hashtag #DatelineNBC on Twitter tonight to let us know.

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