Amina Buddafly Confirms Pregnancy During 'LHHNY' Reunion - Is Peter Gunz The Father?

Shaunee Flowers

The Love & Hip Hop New York reunion is currently being taped and we're learning some of the secrets (and spoilers) that will be coming up in future episodes of the VH1 hit.

Amina Buddafly was on set on Friday for filming, and according to Fameolous, Amina dropped a huge bomb during the taping. Fans were really shocked when Buddafly announced during the filming that she is pregnant once again. Amina also revealed that the baby does belong to Peter, another surprise after the cheating scandal she's been dealing with.

After a dramatic season for Amina, the german-born singer admitted during the LHHNY reunion show taping that she is three months pregnant. Fans of the show are shocked and can't believe Amina is pregnant considering the huge cheating scandal she's dealing with regarding her husband Peter Gunz and his eternal side chick Tara Wallace.

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Tara is further along now and has been showing off her pregnancy on social media for weeks. Tara even comes out after initially announcing her pregnancy and posted on Instagram that she is "unapologetic" about her life. That includes carrying on an affair with a married man. Of course, Tara feels like Peter Gunz is fair game. She was with him first, after all, and Amina stole Peter from her. Then Buddafly married Gunz while he was still living with Tara Wallace. The last few years have been a game between Amina and Tara as both women try to win the affection of Peter Gunz.

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Now here's where it gets even weirder. Amina claims she is three months pregnant. That means she is either still pregnant and never got an abortion or she got pregnant again almost immediately after having an abortion. Buddafly told Peter Gunz that she terminated her pregnancy because of the insane drama with Peter and Tara. Just after Amina found out she was pregnant, Tara did too. As a matter of fact, Amina criticized Tara for claiming to have found out she was pregnant at 18 weeks.

Either way, Peter Gunz is going to be a father to two children sometime this year. Gunz already has eight kids with six different women. At least, the LHHNY rapper isn't adding to the list of mothers this time. Do you think Amina Buddafly lied about having an abortion or did she get pregnant again?

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