Michael Marin Court Suicide: Canister Labeled ‘Cyanide’ Discovered In Marin’s Car

Phoenix, AZ – Theories that Michael Marin had committed suicide with some type of poison, moments after being found guilty of burning down his Biltmore Estates mansion, may have some supporting evidence after a canister of cyanide was discovered this week in Marin’s car.

According to USA Today, a purposefully delayed email was sent to a member of Marin’s family the day after his death, detailing what to do should his court appearance go poorly. It stated that he had prepared a last will and testament and where they would be able to find Marin’s car.

Investigators were able to locate and search the car Monday night with the full cooperation of Marin’s family.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Tuesday that a silver canister labeled “sodium cyanide” was found in the car, and evidence indicated that Marin purchased the cyanide for $68 from a California-based supplier in 2011, leading him to believe Marin had been planning his death for months, reports AzFamily.com.

The cyanide was delivered to Marin’s Chandler home in the form of a light powder. Authorities believe he may have made pellets or capsules out of the powder, brought them to court, and that is what he shown swallowing on video moments after the jury delivered their guilty verdict.


It’s still uncertain whether this is truly what happened though. The canister was turned over to the medical examiner’s office unopened where it will be tested and compared with any substances found in Marin’s body. Officials are still awaiting results of Marin’s toxicology reports.