Joseph Duggar Finishes School, Shares His Career Plans

Joseph Duggar is getting older and ready to start his own life. Even though Joseph isn't courting anyone yet, he is moving on with his life and has decided a few things about what he is planning for his future. The Duggar Family Blog actually shared the details of what is going on with Joseph now. Joseph had been attending college at the Crown College of the Bible. This is a year-long program, and now he is done with it and headed back home to start his career. Joseph was going to school at the same place that Nathan and Tori Bates go. There was some speculation that he quit, but this is just a one-year program, and he is done.

So what is Joseph Duggar up to now? He is back to living at home in Arkansas, but Joseph isn't just going back to being a kid who lives at home. Instead, Joseph is actually starting his career, and he wants to follow in the footsteps of his dad, Jim Bob Duggar. Joseph is starting out a business in real estate and will be making his own money. This will be perfect for him when he finds a wife and is ready to start a family. It does sound like Joseph could be living at home with his parents for now at least. The Duggars normally live at home until they get married.

Joseph Duggar won't just be getting his real estate license, though. He will also be getting his CDL so that he can drive a truck if this is something that he wants to do. This can be used to help out in the Duggar businesses. It sounds like Joseph is ready to get to work now that he is done with his year of college.

Jim Bob Duggar actually buys houses and then flips them. He will buy one and then work hard on it to get it nice so that they can sell it for a profit. He also keeps a few houses here and there for the family. Joseph will be able to work in this business with his dad with his CDL and real estate license. Ben Seewald is already helping out Jim Bob Duggar as well.

There have been some rumors that Joseph Duggar could be in a courtship already with Carlin Bates. The International Business Times shared about these rumors and the fact that these two have been spotted together more than once. That could simply just have to do with the fact that Joseph was going to school near her family and was also attending with two of her siblings. Carlin has been seen more than once wearing a red baseball cap that is speculated to belong to Joseph.

Joseph and Carlin were also spotted very close to each other in a picture, which has people wondering. If the two are in a courtship, then neither one of them is speaking out or admitting to it yet. With so many kids and being so close, it really would be surprising if a Duggar and a Bates don't end up getting married at some point. There has been a lot of speculation of courtships, but none of them have ever admitted to it.

Are you surprised to hear that Joseph Duggar is headed back home to get to work? Do you think that he is courting Carlin Bates? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Right now, the Duggars are not on television at all, but fans are very hopeful that they will have another reality show come back in the future.

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