‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn’s Meddling Escalates, Wyatt Supports Steffy, And Brooke Struggles With Bill

What can fans expect from Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers indicate that there is more action on the way related to the Steffy and Liam situation, and things are definitely crazy on this front. In addition, Brooke and Bill will be having another discussion about the feelings they are fighting for one another. Where are things headed in the January 22 show?

As viewers saw on Thursday’s episode, Quinn chose not to get help for Liam after he collapsed. Instead, she managed to load him into his car and she drove him to her cabin. She sneakily texted Steffy, pretending she was Liam, saying that he was not returning home to work things out with her. Unfortunately, Liam remains unconscious and Quinn has created a bit of a mess for herself.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Quinn will continue with this evil plan on Friday’s show. She seemingly will not reach out for help yet from anybody, despite Liam’s continued medical issues. As She Knows Soaps shares, Quinn is doing what she can to manipulate the situation with Steffy so that Wyatt has a shot at winning her over for himself.

Back at the beach house, Steffy is heartbroken to see the text she thinks is from Liam. She is stunned that he will not try to work things out with her and Wyatt is right there to lend a shoulder for her to cry on in her despair. According to We Love Soaps, Wyatt will teach Steffy something new in an effort to distract her, though viewers will have to tune in to see just what this is.

Previews containing The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Friday’s show tease that Wyatt will throw out the idea that perhaps Liam’s text doesn’t mean what it seems it mean, but that argument surely will not go far. Wyatt ends up going in for the hug and Steffy is none the wiser regarding his ultimate intent at this point.

Also ahead on Friday’s show is more with Brooke and Bill. Brooke may have initiated the kiss with Bill a while back that reignited the feelings between these two, but viewers have seen that it is Bill who is seemingly having the most trouble letting go. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Bill and Brooke will have an intense conversation in Friday’s show about this situation.

As it seems, Bill may admit that he cannot stop thinking about Brooke. She likely feels very much the same, but she will point out that he is married to her sister, seemingly in a tone that says they cannot go down the road they are considering. While Bill and Brooke may continue to fight these feelings for one another, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Katie will soon be overhearing something about this and it will lead to an intense showdown.

Former Young and Restless star Chris McKenna is joining B&B soon and the rumor is that he may be a new love interest for one of the Logan women. Are Katie and Bill headed for a split over Brooke, or will they manage to work through this challenge? This relationship issue is not going to go away for a while yet and viewers are curious to see what comes next.

Just how serious is Liam’s medical issue and how far will Quinn go in keeping him away from Steffy? Will Wyatt swoop Steffy away before she can work things out with Liam or do the two still have a shot at walking down the aisle again? Stay tuned for more spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful as the chaos continues.

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