Otto Kilcher Faces A Serious Health Crisis During The Season Finale Of 'Alaska: The Last Frontier'

Charlinda Robinson

A preview clip for the season finale of Alaska: The Last Frontier shows Otto Kilcher in bed and in severe pain. A man, presumably his doctor, is standing over him and warns him that if a clot comes loose and goes to his lung, he could be dead in 24 to 48 hours. Charlotte is shown sitting next to Otto holding her head in her hands. The shocking diagnosis comes on the heels of Otto Kilcher's nephew, Atz Lee's, brush with death when he fell off a cliff last year and broke several bones.

Alaska: The Last Frontier took to their Facebook page and asked fans what they though about the latest episode and everyone wanted to talk about Otto. Obviously, this is an extremely serious and potentially fatal issue, and the sneak peek has left fans wondering how Otto Kilcher dealt with the blood clot(s). Recent photos posted to Otto and Charlotte's Facebook page show Otto out and about. He attended his stepson Torrey's wedding in December, which suggests that he is just fine. There is currently no information available on whether Otto Kilcher ended up leaving the homestead to seek treatment. Hopefully, Otto has completely recovered from his health scare.

The Kilcher family had a rough 2015, but this family knows how to pull together to get things done. When Atz Lee became incapacitated, family and friends stepped up to help his wife, Jane, with a myriad of chores, including taking her hunting and fishing. During the latest episode of the show, she was able to bring down her first moose, which removed an enormous amount of pressure from her shoulders, since she needed to provide the family with the much-needed meat for the winter months.

Otto Kilcher's son, Eivin, was also successful on his own hunt for deer meat. His wife, Eve, just gave birth to their second child, a daughter they named Sparrow Rose, so Eve's sister accompanied him on the hunt. They were successful as well, which means everyone will have plenty of meat to get them at least through the winter and into the spring.

They did manage to keep the fact that Eve was pregnant secret and it was quite a surprise to fans when news got out that she had given birth on September 28, 2015. The episode where she gave birth recently aired, and showed Otto and Charlotte bringing gifts for their new grandchild.

Are you a fan of the Kilcher family? What do you think is going on with Otto Kilcher health-wise? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. There will be two episodes of Alaska: The Last Frontier on Sunday, beginning at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

[Image via Alaska: The Last Frontier/Facebook]