Ben Affleck Finally Moving On: Dating Co-Star Sienna Miller

Last June, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner made it official that they were divorcing after a 10-year marriage. That hasn't stopped Ben Affleck from trying to move on. Design and Trend announced that Ben Affleck is possibly dating his co-star of Live by Night, Sienna Miller.

Sienna Miller is apparently dating Ben Affleck. (Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images)
Sienna Miller is apparently dating Ben Affleck. (Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images)

Ben says that he plans to keep things casual rather than serious for the time being so that he can concentrate on his children, Violet, 10, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3. Although Affleck is still living with Jennifer Garner for the sake of his children, he is not letting that stop him from dating Sienna Miller, whom he has had his eyes on for quite some time.

A friend of Ben told E Online a bit of information regarding the divorced couple's living situation.

"Ben is living in the family house, but in a separate section. He has a room to himself, but it's in an area that Jen goes to on a daily basis. It has forced them to have to day-to-day interactions and spend a lot more time together than a typical separated couple. It's working well for the kids to have both of them there in close quarters, so they have made sacrifices and agreed to do it for now. It hasn't been easy, especially for Jen. She is fed up and frustrated with some of Ben's choices, but she chooses to look the other way and do what's best for her kids... She feels like Ben is no longer her responsibility, and she isn't going to stress over what he's doing."

Ben Affleck wrote and directed Live by Night, which co-starred Sienna Miller. Ben's movie is scheduled to be released in 2017. It had been reported that Ben and Sienna were seen holding hands and being "really flirty on set."

At the end of October, Sienna Miller was on The Rachel Ray Show to speak about Live by Night and she made a statement about Affleck that "he's a wonderful director and a really sweet person."

In a past relationship with Jude Law, she allegedly "sabotaged" it by having an affair with Daniel Craig, the James Bond actor. Sienna told Esquire U.K. that she nearly ruined her career with her problematic relationships. Sienna also had an affair with Balthazar Getty while dating Rhys Ifans.

Most recently, it was announced that Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge, her most recent lover, were calling it quits after a four-year relationship. They have a young daughter named Marlowe.

Ben, on the other hand allegedly cheated on Jennifer with Christine Ouzounian, the family's 28-year-old nanny, which is the reason why the two are separating.

Ben and Jennifer are working things out for the best interest of their children. A source told People Magazine that Ben and Jennifer "find it annoying to deal with each other," however, they believe that living under the same roof for the time being is best for now.

Sources say that Jennifer has also moved on. According to Fox News. Jennifer has been seeing Patrick Dempsy. Apparently they are making up for lost time since the filming of Valentine's Day in 2009 when the two starred together. A source shed information to OK Magazine after Jennifer and Patrick met up for coffee a few months ago.

"They've been friends for years... it was only natural for them to confide in each other," the source said. "As soon as they started talking, the spark was evident to both of them. Jen was relieved — and excited."

They say two wrongs can't make a right, but can Sienna and Ben make a successful relationship without cheating and having affairs?

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