Louis Tomlinson Skiing With Danielle But Fans Don’t Buy The Romance

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has headed off to the French Alps for a spot of new year skiing. The big news is that Louis has his rumored new squeeze Danielle Campbell in tow. Pictures of Louis, Danielle, and their pals have emerged that show them having fun in the snow at Val d’Isere. It was recently reported in Inquisitr that Louis did not look in the best of health over the holidays, but happily Louis looks in much better shape than he did just a few days ago. Clearly the fresh mountain air has done Tomlinson a power of good.

Louis’ fans will no doubt be delighted to see Tomlinson happy and relaxed as he enjoys his break in the alps. Over the holidays, a string of negative reporting by some sections of the media seemed to be taking a toll on Louis’ health, and he seemed to be pale and drawn. Louis’ fans will therefore be delighted to see him looking relaxed and happy as he took time out to pose for pictures with a fan.

Louis Tomlinson Skiing
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Perhaps interestingly, no pictures have emerged of Louis and Danielle actually together in the same place, though Danielle did post a short video on Snapchat that appears to have Tomlinson’s voice on it. Given that Louis and Danielle were photographed together on a number of occasions last month it is odd that no pictures of the pair have emerged so far during this trip.

Tomlinson has shared a couple of snaps on his Instagram account but Danielle doesn’t appear in any of them. It is of course entirely possible that the pair are on separate skiing breaks, but J-14 magazine is adamant that fans have spotted them together in Val d’Isere, and fans are convinced that the voice on the snapchat video is Louis’.

M-magazine reports that neither Danielle or Louis have confirmed that they are on a ski break together but as many fans have pointed out the new year ski trip is something of a One Direction “winter girlfriend” tradition. For those who do not track One Direction closely there is a widespread belief amongst One Direction fans that the legend of the “winter girlfriend” is a management PR stunt that was timed annually to keep louis and his pals in the news between tours.


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Invariably, news breaks around the first week of December that a member of One Direction has a new lady in his life. For the most part, the stories have featured Louis’ band-mate Harry Styles. In 2011 Harry was linked with Caroline Flack, in 2012 it was Taylor Swift, in 2013 Kendall Jenner, in 2014 Nadine Leopold. Invariably, the relationships end in February, predictably around the time that One Direction’s tour kicks off.

Many fans also believe that a number of photo opportunities are a part of the “winter girlfriend” tradition. The “milkshake date” and the new year ski trip are a tradition, and since the new year started, fans have been speculating as to when pictures of Louis and Danielle skiing would emerge.

This year, at least until recently, the “winter girlfriend” story has featured both Louis and band-mate Niall Horan. True to form we have seen Louis and Danielle on the “milkshake date” and a trip to the ice-cream parlour. Sugarscape reports that in 2016 “it’s the turn of Louis Tomlinson to hit the slopes” with his rumored girlfriend.

As sections of the media seem determined to paint Tomlinson as being in a relationship with Campbell, many fans remain sceptical. It seems that the Louis and Danielle romance story follows a familiar and all too predictable path, one that has been trodden by one or more of Louis’ band-mates every year since One Direction formed.

Some fans are now eagerly awaiting the Louis and Danielle break-up story.

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