Two 'Bachelor' Contestants Have Arrest Records, What Does Ben Higgins Think About Lauren And Meagan's Past?

When 28 ladies step out of limos at the Bachelor mansion on Monday night, they will introduce themselves to Ben Higgins and some will reveal some random facts about their job, home life, and even their pet pony.

However, there are two ladies who may or may not tell Ben about their arrest records because that's an awkward ice breaker when you're meeting your potential husband for the first time.

Every season, there seems to be least one contestant with a questionable past and sometimes it's a deal breaker with the Bachelor. Remember Jade Roper from Chris Soules' season? She was called out in the tabloids for not only posing in Playboy Amateur, but for her criminal record that includes two counts of theft, shoplifting, and a DUI.

Fortunately, that's all in the past for Jade and she's happily engaged to her Bachelor in Paradise co-star Tanner Tolbert. Will Ben Higgins be as forgiving when he finds out that two of his ladies, Meagen Miller and Lauren Bushnell, were both arrested in the recent past?

Meagan will be the center of attention on the Bachelor premiere when she arrives with her mini-horse, Huey. While Ben seems to enjoy spending time with the horse, spoilers indicate that he's not quite as interested in Meagan.

Miller's ABC bio states that she enjoys barbecuing and drinking beer, but it doesn't reveal that she was arrested in 2014 for reckless driving and driving under the influence. According to Radar Online the incident happened in October 2015 and Miller is due to go to court next month.
"Miller was pulled over at 2 a.m. on Oct. 11, 2014 in Weatherford, TX for driving on the wrong side of the road. Officer J. Shelley wrote in his report that he smelled a strong odor of an alcohol beverage on her breath, and she had slurred speech and bloodshot and glassy eyes."
Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Meagan doesn't make it past the first rose ceremony, so whether it was her legal issues or just her personality that didn't click with Ben, it looks like he won't see Huey the horse anytime soon.

Lauren Bushnell is the other contestant who has an arrest in her past, but Ben will probably go easy on her if he finds out. Although records show she spent the night in jail last April, her arrest is something that could happen to anyone having too much of a good time at a festival.

Lauren, her sister, and several friends attended the Stagecoach Festival in California in April and Lauren apparently had too many drinks and was held overnight by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department for public intoxication. Sounds like Lauren likes to have a good time and she was smart enough not to drink and drive.

Her sister Mollie posted a photo on Instagram after the incident that took place on April 25 and joked about her sister's arrest. "We laughed, we cried," Mollie captioned the picture. "One of us may or may not have spent the night in the Indio County Jail #2k15#neverforget."

lauren bushnell arrested
Lauren Bushnell, her sister Mollie and friends at the Stagecoach Festival [Image via Mollie Bushnell/Instagram]According to Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers, Lauren quickly became one of Ben's top picks half way through filming and made her way to the final rose ceremony along with contestant JoJo Fletcher. If she made it right to the end, it's likely she spilled the details about her night in jail and it wasn't a deal breaker with Ben.

The Bachelor begins its 20th season on Monday, January 4. Tune in to watch Ben Higgins find love and drama starting at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Image via Rick Rockwell/ABC]