‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Spoilers — Is Kate Walsh’s Addison Montgomery Shepherd Returning To Grey Sloan Memorial?

Although many fans were hoping that Kate Walsh would be making a return to Grey’s Anatomy in the current season, the actress recently put a damper on those wishes. Following rumors that Shonda Rhimes had asked her to return to the show as Addison Montgomery, Walsh took to Twitter and officially dispelled the reports.

When asked by a fan to confirm her part in Season 12 of the hit medical drama, Walsh simply wrote back, “Hoax.” This means that fans will not get to see the return of Derek Shepherd’s (Patrick Dempsey) ex-wife after all. The rumors that Walsh was reprising her old role were first reported by Christian Post.

Apparently, the main reason why Walsh will not be returning to Grey’s Anatomy is because the actress has moved on to other projects. In fact, in an interview with Hollywood Life, Walsh explained how she is determined to move forward with her life and into other avenues of her career.

“It was a great role for me to play – I’m happy, and grateful and thrilled that I got to do it, but I did it for nine years, so for me, just as an actress, it’s important to move on.”

Meanwhile, Walsh opened up about her time on the hit series during a recent interview with Us Magazine. After being asked about her most memorable Grey’s Anatomy moment, Walsh shared how she “loved all of them so much,” adding that her time on the show was a significant part of her life.

“What’s great about the culture now is that there’s so much content, there’s so many ways to do it. So it’s thrilling, like, a whole new generation of Grey’s fans [who] are able to sort of have access to it on the internet and watch it. And Private Practice as well,” she stated. “And for that I’m really grateful. But for me it was like a time in my life. I’ve kind of moved on.”

Patrick Dempsey and Kate Walsh on 'Grey's Anatomy.' [Image via ABC]

Although fans might not get the opportunity to see Walsh reprise her role in the current season of the show, the actress did admit that she absolutely loved playing the part of Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepherd. In particular, she stated that the character’s intelligence and imperfections were a draw for her, and the added depth was something that made her character fun to play.

As far as where Dr. Addison Montgomery is now, Walsh revealed that she really could have gone a number of different directions with her life. In the end, she believes that her character’s future would really depend on what Rhimes and the show’s writers could dream up.

“I have no idea! I relied on the mind of Shonda Rhimes and all the writers for so long that — who knows! She could be on her third husband, she could be still with Jake [Benjamin Pratt],” Walsh stated in the interview. “She could have, like, three more kids.”

Despite revealing that she won’t be a part of the 12th season of Grey’s Anatomy, Walsh did admit that she would love to have the opportunity to work with Rhimes again. Is this a hint that she is open to the possibility of making a cameo on the show in the future? Or perhaps she is willing to appear in a different show entirely?

Eric Dane (McSteamy) made his grand entrance on 'Grey's Anatomy' by having an affair with Kate Walsh's Addison Shepherd. [Image by ABC]

At this point, the only thing that is clear is that fans will not see Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepherd grace the small screens when Grey’s Anatomy returns to wrap up its 12th season. As far as Walsh’s career is concerned, the actress is currently working with Boston Market and helping to advertise the company’s holiday lineup.

Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy is set to air February 11 on ABC.

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