WWE Rumors: Female Wyatt Family Member Coming Soon

WWE rumors are stating that Bray Wyatt could be recruiting a female member of the Wyatt Family to make her debut in the near future, according to WWE.com.

To start off the new year and create an instant buzz with fans, Joey Styles and the staff at WWE.com have decided to tease some potential storylines that might take place in 2016.

While some of the ideas seem a bit far fetched, the idea of Bray Wyatt bringing in a female Wyatt Family member seems like one of the more plausible stories for WWE to actually do.

Back when Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan made their debut on the main roster in WWE, fans started clamoring to know who the mysterious Sister Abigail character was.

The more popular that the Wyatt Family became, the more that fans yearned to see a female character being added to the stable. WWE fans wanted Sister Abigail to make her debut.

World Wrestling Entertainment did add a fourth member to the Wyatt Family, but it turned out to be the gigantic Braun Strowman instead. Fans are not opposed to a fifth member.

A female character being added to the Wyatt Family stable would certainly make the entire act even more interesting than it already is. Bray Wyatt could definitely use the momentum.

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt [Photo by WWE]

As far as a female Wyatt Family member is concerned, this is a great opportunity for WWE to elevate a female performer. The spot is high profile enough to generate a lot of momentum.

WWE can use the spot to elevate one of their current main roster divas, but the opportunity would be much better for someone new, someone that the fans are not accustomed to yet.

Nia Jax is the cousin of Dwayne Johnson and is currently working in NXT. She has a very unique look, as she is bigger than a typical diva in WWE. It would be a great way to debut her.

Asuka, a star from Japan, would be an interesting choice because of how she looks. Being a Wyatt Family member also protects her from having to speak too much on television.

There is also a plethora of female performers outside of NXT and WWE, some of whom are more talented than the girls that are currently under contract. They should be considered.

ODB has been working with ROH as of late, but it might not be all that hard for WWE to pry her away. She has a very unique look and is already known from her stints with TNA.

Then again, the Sister Abigail character doesn’t really even need to wrestle, so World Wrestling Entertainment could always just hire an actress that looks the part and can talk a bit.

Nia Jax
Nia Jax [Photo by WWE]

Even if WWE decides against adding a female Wyatt Family member, they need to do something to give Bray Wyatt some more momentum.

The feud between the Wyatt Family and Team ECW has taken some attention away from Bray Wyatt because there’s just so many people involved. It’s hard to focus on just one person.

World Wrestling Entertainment had a chance to put Bray Wyatt over really big when he was feuding with Kane and the Undertaker. However, they opted to have Wyatt lose the feud.

Prior to that, Bray Wyatt was working a feud with Roman Reigns, who is now the WWE Heavyweight Champion. The two of them need to work a title program down the road.

If a female Wyatt Family member helps Bray Wyatt get into the title picture, then WWE should definitely do it.

[Featured Photo by WWE]