‘The Good Wife’ Spoilers: See Alicia’s Violent Reaction To Eli’s Confession [Video]

The winter finale of The Good Wife saw Eli make a shocking confession to Alicia. Racked with guilt over his role in getting Jason Crouse out of Alicia’s life, Eli admitted he’d made a decision several years ago that might have affected Alicia’s happiness.

“Six years ago you got a message from Will Gardner. I erased it.”

As Good Wife fans remember, Will was Alicia’s old friend from law school and sometime lover. He died without warning in Season 5 of the show. Eli, the loyal political advisor to Alicia’s husband Peter, wanted nothing more than to protect the politician’s career. This season, Eli has been pushed aside for another new political operative, Ruth Eastman.

According to Eli’s confession, Will’s voicemail said he would do anything to be with her. (CBS helpfully uploaded the video to its official website to refresh the audience’s memory.) Alicia told Eli to “get out,” as Entertainment Weekly recalled in its recap.

But as a new preview clip for the next new episode of The Good Wife reveals, Alicia didn’t let it sit with just “get out.”