‘The Good Wife’ Spoilers: See Alicia’s Violent Reaction To Eli’s Confession [Video]

The winter finale of The Good Wife saw Eli make a shocking confession to Alicia. Racked with guilt over his role in getting Jason Crouse out of Alicia’s life, Eli admitted he’d made a decision several years ago that might have affected Alicia’s happiness.

“Six years ago you got a message from Will Gardner. I erased it.”

As Good Wife fans remember, Will was Alicia’s old friend from law school and sometime lover. He died without warning in Season 5 of the show. Eli, the loyal political advisor to Alicia’s husband Peter, wanted nothing more than to protect the politician’s career. This season, Eli has been pushed aside for another new political operative, Ruth Eastman.

According to Eli’s confession, Will’s voicemail said he would do anything to be with her. (CBS helpfully uploaded the video to its official website to refresh the audience’s memory.) Alicia told Eli to “get out,” as Entertainment Weekly recalled in its recap.

But as a new preview clip for the next new episode of The Good Wife reveals, Alicia didn’t let it sit with just “get out.”

To put it bluntly, she gets a little violent, even deliberately taking out a stack of dishes from the cabinet to throw at Eli. At the end of the clip, Alicia appears to have closed the door, implying Eli escaped her momentary wrath.

Alicia has not had any lasting romance since Will’s death—and it may be a stretch to call the Will-Alicia dalliance successful. Her connection to Crouse has been largely professional, with some flirting thrown in. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Crouse, told TV Guide he’s up for staying on the show despite a potential conflict with his upcoming role on The Walking Dead.

'The Good Wife' Jason Crouse

Of course, Alicia is technically still married to Peter. The couple even had spontaneous intimacy on a recent episode. As Peter Florrick is running for president — ostensibly to grab the vice-presidential nod — it’s unclear how Alicia’s life will change in the coming year. There are rumors that The Good Wife might not be renewed for Season 8, so the question of Alicia’s future in Chicago or Washington might be moot.

Julianna Margulies Alan Cumming of 'The Good Wife'

Those rumors go back to at least May of this year, when CBS CEO Leslie Moonves told media that there were no plans to can The Good Wife yet, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The show’s positive critical response has led the network to long back the series, which has few similarly acclaimed programs.

Assuming the show will have a home for another year, the bloggers at CarterMatt debated whether Peter’s presidential run would be a good or bad turn for the show — especially if he wins. If he were to even get a vice-presidential slot, Alicia would presumably follow him to Washington. The show could relocate there or, as the site hypothesizes, if could be the plot point producers need to get Alicia — and Peter — out of the marriage.

There’s also the not-so-small matter of what happens to the show’s other characters — Diane, Cary, and the others at Alicia’s old firm — were the show’s primary setting move from Chicago to D.C. The Good Wife has explored many manifestations of the law firm since the show started, so envisioning dual branches in Illinois and D.C. is not out of the realm of possibility.

In the meantime, fans can tune in for the premiere of Season 7’s second half on Sunday, January 10, on CBS to see if Eli completely escapes Alicia’s assault with the dishes.

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