Adam Levine Hasn’t Watched ‘American Horror Story’ Yet, Despite Upcoming Role

In the spring, we learned Adam Levine — the singer from Maroon 5 — had landed a role on Ryan Murphy’s FX hit American Horror Story.

And though Adam Levine is set to star in the scary show, the pop star hasn’t actually seen an episode from the show’s well-regarded last season. Why? Well, Levine says that he is basically too much of a scaredy cat to watch the first episodes of American Horror Story.

In Adam Levine’s defense, season one was pretty well done and scare-inducing for TV. If you didn’t follow the show (you should definitely pick it up if you like horror), it’s nearly a pastiche of a few seminal American horror classics, with elements heavily referencing The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby, even sort of The Sixth Sense. I mean, it was derivative, but it was also eminently watchable, engaging and full of action.

A bit too much action for Levine, he claims — saying in an interview:

“I’m still too scared to watch it… But I’m gonna try and beat my fear of really creepy, scary things like that by doing it. I think that’s a good way to tackle that fear.”

It may seem funny that a grown man like Adam Levine is scared of what is essentially a ghost story, but he’s not alone.

Connie Britton, who played the haunted and supernaturally knocked up mom on the show said she too has been unable to watch season one of American Horror Story, in which she stars — Britton admits:

“I haven’t watched it all back because I’m too scared. I’m just too scared … and I really want to… I’m going to get somebody and literally make them sit down and watch it with me from start to finish so that I cannot be so scared. I’m such a baby!”

Will you be tuning in to catch Adam Levine as a newlywed in the second season of American Horror Story?