'The Seven Deadly Sins' Release Date Confirmed For 2017 -- Watch The 'Nanatsu No Taizai' OVA Video, Read English Manga Spoilers

The Seven Deadly Sins season 2 release date has been officially confirmed for 2017 by the anime producers, but in the mean time they have already released a The Seven Deadly Sins OVA video in 2015 along with two manga releases for Nanatsu no Taizai. Unfortunately, the two OVA videos have yet to be officially released with an English dub, but you can find the two videos with English subs as of this time. In the meantime, below find English-based spoilers based upon what is known so far about the upcoming story.

[UPDATE] The opening paragraph has been updated to reflect the 2017 release of The Seven Deadly Sins season 2. However, since it's a mini series called Signs Of Holy War, and not a full new season, anime fans should check out our new article which discusses The Seven Deadly Sins season 3 (click the link to the left). The remainder of this article remains as originally published and contains spoilers related to the OVA videos, Lord Escanor the seventh Sin, the Demon Clan, and more.

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The Seven Deadly Sins Characters
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Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Release Date

The Japanese release of The Seven Deadly Sins season 1 started in October of 2014, but it was not until November of 2015 that English anime fans were treated to the TV show as part of Netflix's originals. This is quite the gap, especially considering that A-1 Pictures also released the two OVA videos in June and August of 2015. At the same time, the English version of the The Seven Deadly Sins manga was released by Kodansha Comics, USA, in March of 2014.

So far, all we know about The Seven Deadly Sins' release date is limited to the short video clip provided above. The video trailer was originally featured alongside another anime called The Heroic Legend of Arslan.

The Japanese text only tells us that the "production is green-lit" for 2016. Assuming that production begins in 2016, it may be safe to presume that the Japanese version might air in the fall of 2016 with up to 24 episodes, which means the Netflix English dub of season 2 may not occur until 2017 at the earliest.

In addition, the characters are described as "heroes once more." While that is not much to go on, the manga gives us plenty of spoilers about what will come next.

The Seven Deadly Sins OVA Video Released -- Just Not In English

Before we delve into the spoilers section, it is probably best to relate what happens in the Nanatsu no Taizai OVA video. If you are a fan of the manga then it really does not hold any surprises, since the promotional DVDs pretty much provided an anime version version of stories told in the manga. The short descriptions given here will not attempt to divulge any major spoilers, so please feel free to read the basic synopsis.

Ban Elaine The Seven Deadly Sins
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The first OVA release, called The Seven Deadly Sins: Ban's Side Story, gave an extended version of the love story between Ban, the Fox sin of Greed, and Elaine, the fairy guardian of the fountain of youth. The first season of the anime gave an abbreviated version of the story, but the OVA shows more of Ban's past, how he ended up in prison, and the reasons why he is so obsessed with resurrecting Elaine from the dead. The tragic love story also gives us more details on Elaine's history so it is more understandable why they are so in love despite only knowing each other for a short time.

The second OVA release is quite diverse in regards to its content. While the side stories give new insight into the characters of Elizabeth, Meliodas, Hawk, Diane, King, and Ban, there are episodes that also feature characters like Gilthunder and Arthur Pendragon.

Now, both of the OVA videos were bundled with the limited editions of the manga. Netflix, nor the anime producers have not yet announced any plans in regards to an English dub for the OVA videos, but multiple websites provide the Japanese version with English subs.

The Seven Deadly Sins Spoilers For Season 2

First off, this spoilers guide is not intended to be a point-by-point synopsis for the Nanatsu no Taizai manga and the eventual The Seven Deadly Sins anime. While this guide will give you an overall picture of what to expect when The Seven Deadly Sins season 2 release date rolls around, it will not contain any major spoilers related to the plot points. So rest assured that you will have some surprises in store when the anime eventually airs.

In the past, series creator Nakaba Suzuki said that he plans to release three main story arcs for the manga. Season 1 of the anime and the first 100 chapters of the manga both focused on the Holy Knights, so it is safe to presume the anime version for season 2 will follow the next hundred chapters, and The Seven Deadly Sins season 3 may follow the final hundred chapters (which are not yet started with the manga). According to Anime News Network, Suzuki was already considering plans for a sequel to the main three part story, so it's possible The Seven Deadly Sins season 4 may even be possible several years down the road.

The second part of the story arc will focus on new antagonists like the Demon Clan, a group of powerful demons called the Ten Commandments, and the introduction of Escanor, the Lion's sin of pride. To a certain extent, not much is known about Escanor since he only recently debuted in the manga in chapter 147, but we do know that he possesses almost a dual personality.

Escanor Seven Deadly Sins
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This is because Escanor's powers essentially function like the opposite of a vampire. During the night, Escanor is meek, humble, and scrawny, but when the sun rises he is endowed with great power. Likewise, his personality changes as his power ebbs and flows, with his pride and arrogance coming out during the day. His physical body even changes, emitting radiation that dispels the light, and large muscles give him great strength and speed. Oddly enough, he also changes his diet, eating meat during the day, and vegetables at night.

Escanor is apparently an elemental whose power is literally called Sunshine, and he peaks at noon and is drained away until he is at his weakest at midnight. Due to these powers, Escanor is uniquely qualified to take on vampires, and at one point in the manga he takes on a Vampire King. To put his powers in perspective, the manga shows that Meliodas cannot fully lift Escanor's weapon, the Divine Axe Rhitta, while Escanor can wield this fearsome Sacred Treasure with one hand when he is at his peak.

Ten Commandments Seven Deadly Sins
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The Ten Commandments are a group of elite warriors handpicked by the Demon King, with each member having a special ability called a commandment. As might be guessed, the Demon Clan's Ten Commandments also has 10 members, just as the Seven Deadly Sins number seven. Likewise, their symbol marks them with a trait, including ideals like truth and faith.

Along with the rest of the Demon Clan, the Ten Commandments were sealed away by the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, the relic that the Holy Knight Hendrickson was attempting to open with Elizabeth's blood during the events in season 1. A Commandment named Fraudrin, along with the Red Demon and the Gray Demon, managed to avoid being sealed away, and eventually Fraudrin frees the other nine members. Their powers have been drained by the Coffin, so they travel the realms, including King Arthur's Albion, in order to devour the souls of humans.

As might be expected, the story arc of The Seven Deadly Sins season 2 will focus on the Ten Commandments, their histories, and the fight against the resurrected Demon Clan. The story will also answer questions about Meliodas' actions during the Ancient War, why he has demonic powers, and more on why he is known as the Dragon's Sin of Wrath. To be specific, the manga shows how the Commandment Fraudrin has a history involving Meliodas' murdered lover, Liz. It is also revealed that one of the Sins used to be a member of the Ten Commandments, but we'll just leave that as a surprise for the anime watchers.

Seven Deadly Sins Poster
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Unfortunately, like many anime series in the past, the release of the anime is already catching up with the story of the manga. Chapter 154 was released just days before Christmas, 2015, so it seems unlikely that Nakaba Suzuki will finish the manga's second story arc before production needs to begin on The Seven Deadly Sins season 2 in 2016.

Although this is in no way an official announcement, it is safe to speculate that the second anime season will either cover half of the events in the Demon Clan arc, or the anime's story will go in different direction from the manga. If the producers choose to go the former route, then The Seven Deadly Sins season 3 may end up covering the chapters yet to released, but manga fans should brace themselves for the possibility that the stories will split.

Meliodas The Seven Deadly Sins
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