Oreo Supports Gay Rights, Pride, With Rainbow Filling- a Wild Crowd of Bigots Appear

As you are probably aware, many cities celebrated Gay Pride this week — as is traditional — but as more and more people come out in favor of gay rights, Pride is getting very exciting!

For instance, my little gay heart melted last night when an Oreo picture began circling Facebook, a simple image with a big, prideful punch.

Gay rights are right, and just, but many companies are still just coming out themselves in favor of LGBT causes — and as the big ones step up, it can be kind of moving.

So Oreo posted a pic of their iconic cookie, its cream center replaced with a symbolic rainbow of centers, with the date at the bottom.

Very simple, and the caption simply “proudly support love!” with the date marking Pride as it is celebrated in many cities.

The Oreo gay pride pic caused an instant reaction — very many shares, and not a small degree of bigotry among unsupportive fans, but more importantly, visibility. It wasn’t too long ago — not too long ago at all — that no major companies openly supported gay rights, much less acknowledged Pride so… well, pridefully.

companies that support gay rights

As the pic above points out, Oreo is not alone in their stance, but it doesn’t mean that as one of the first major supporting brands of LGBT equality, they’re not going to take a bit of a hit among the ever-shrinking portion of Americans that still oppose granting gay people the same basic rights and privileges we straight people were born enjoying.

Amusingly, there is now a campaign to bring the Gay Oreo to market — and while I plan to never again deny my children a box of Oreos, if you want to go a step further, you can sign the petition here.