Charles Kelley Of Lady Antebellum Cancels Solo Tour Without An Explanation

Charles Kelley of the hit country group, Lady Antebellum, had planned his own solo tour. All of the dates were set up, and fans were ready to go out and see him. A lot of people already bought tickets to the shows. Now he has canceled all of his tour dates, but it was done very quietly, and Charles isn't even sharing what is going on with his fans. Nashville Gab shared about what is going on now with Charles Kelley's first solo tour.

This tour isn't happening at all. If you go to Charles website, all of the dates are totally gone besides one for a charity event that he really did do yesterday. They have just been taken down as if the tour never existed at all. One stop Charles Kelley was supposed to make was at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City. Their website still lists other concerts, but the one for Charles is missing with no reason why at all.

So far, Charles Kelley had only released one song from his upcoming album. This song was called "Driver," and fans are excited about it, but Charles had shared that he couldn't wait for fans to hear all of the new music that hasn't even been released yet.

"It's gonna be fun to watch the fans hear a song they haven't heard before, because the project won't come out until early next year. So I go out there almost like we did with Lady Antebellum, with just one single on the radio, and have to prove myself. I miss that."
The Charles Kelley tour had 22 dates, and now they are all just gone. This means a lot of fans that are really upset because of what they are going to be missing out on. One concert was supposed to be on December 5 in Atlanta, Georgia, and didn't happen, but instead Charles played a private show for local station 94.9, The Bull. Uptown Theater in Kansas City is still showing a concert for December 10, but this one doesn't show on Charles' website anymore. The show is nowhere near sold out, but it is still letting you buy tickets to see Charles Kelley, so it will be interesting to see if this show does go on or not.
Obviously, Charles Kelley is still doing okay with his health because he is still performing. If this was a family emergency, he would be at home and not doing shows at radio stations. Fans just want an answer from Charles Kelley about what is going on, but for some reason, he just isn't giving one at all. It could be low ticket sales or Charles just decided the solo act wasn't for him, but he isn't explaining the details to fans at all, which is actually leaving a lot of people upset with Kelley. He did do a few of his tour dates, though.
Originally, there was nothing at all on Charles Kelley's site, but they have now added a small note, but it doesn't explain what is going on at all.
"A portion of upcoming tour dates is moving to early 2016. For more information on rescheduled dates, check back here. Thanks for your continued support.Stay tuned for major album release news coming soon!"
Are you surprised to see that Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum has canceled his shows without explaining what is even going on to his fans? Do you think that it was low ticket sales or is something else going on with him at this time? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about what is going on with Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum.

[Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images]