Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles Spotted With Hot Brunettes — New One Direction Girlfriends?

Both Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction have been hanging out with attractive brunettes lately. Last month Louis Tomlinson was spotted with Danielle Campbell, as reported by Just Jared.

Danielle is apparently “just a friend” of Louis, however, they were again spotted sitting very cozily and looking rather happy yesterday.

Two weeks ago a friend of both Danielle and the One Direction hunk posted a shot of the three of them on Instagram.

An in-depth fan timeline cataloging the social media and real life interaction of the two (for example, we can see the shot of tousle-haired actress Danielle that Louis “liked” on Instagram”) has been created. A timeline contributor questions whether “single and minglin'” Louis Tomlinson is right to “publicly hook up with girls in the same city as his baby mama.”

Briana Jungwirth will reportedly give birth to the One Direction star’s baby in LA next month, though Tomlinson is reportedly considering flying them to the U.K for a time, as reported by Sugarscape.

Speculation that the pair are a Modest Management PR couple also surfaced:


In other One Direction girlfriend news, Harry Styles’ love interest Georgia Fowler was forced to directly address “Larry” gay rumors when she captioned her latest Instagram shot with some unfortunate, unintentionally provocative text.

“Harry High Pants meet Larry Long Legs” wrote Georgia, alongside a picture of a pair of legs in long trousers that practically cover the wearer’s feet. Harry Styles fans jumped in to ask if this was a reference to the “Larry” speculation (that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are in love). Some people were so aggressive in their questioning that Georgia Fowler took the time to explain herself.

“It’s a fashion saying,” Georgia explained, urging the hot-headed commenters to calm down.

Harry Styles whisked the sexy New Zealand model off for a getaway earlier this year, as reported by The Mirror. The hunk told friends he wanted to spend time with Georgia away from “prying eyes” and also allowed her to post a couple of Snapchat videos of the two together — reportedly an indication that Harry may be serious about the New Zealand girl.

“Harry is very careful about who he spends time with, so Georgia must be very special for him to allow her to share their moment with her followers.”

Perhaps Louis’ Tomlinson’s sojourn with Danielle could be read in a similar way — the Doncaster One Direction star must be happy to go public about the affair if he is willing to sit so cozily with Danielle in an eatery. The One Direction guys surely know by now that every move they make will be analyzed for evidence of conspiracy, romance, strife and/or scandal.

Eagle-eyed fans even spotted that Louis unfollowed ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder a short time before she posted this intimate, derriere-baring pajama shot on Instagram. Fans determinedly tagged Louis Tomlinson in the shot, starting an informal, impromptu campaign to get the One Direction star to look at his ex-girlfriend’s butt.

A pictorial flight-of-fancy suggesting that Adidas-loving Louis Tomlinson could follow Harry Styles into the fashion world and come back from the One Direction hiatus with an Adidas modeling contract also started floating around recently.

Is Danielle just a friend of Louis Tomlinson? Will the new crop of One Direction girlfriends cope with the scrutiny of an alternately envious, adoring and hostile fan base?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]