Jimmy Fallon’s Job On The Line, Chelsea Handler Ready To Step In

Jimmy Fallon has become the much-loved host of The Tonight Show, a job he took over from Jay Leno in February 2014. But now there is a dull whisper that Fallon’s future as the host of the show might be in question due to his drinking. The Daily Mail reports that Fallon and his wife, Nancy Juvonen, were seen out for a walk with their daughter, Winnie, and they looked very relaxed and happy.

While it’s difficult to say what’s happening in his marriage, it appears NBC is paying attention to Jimmy Fallon’s increasingly erratic behavior and the injuries he has been getting. One source at NBC said that there is something to worry about. A bartender that serves Fallon regularly said he’s a mess.

“He’s a mess. Everything you’ve heard [about his behavior] is true.”

Despite what these sources have said, a spokesman for NBC said Jimmy Fallon is a valued member of the team.

“Jimmy Fallon is a highly valued member of the NBC family who is both a tireless worker and an extraordinarily gifted performer… His dedication in putting on a great show each and every night is unparalleled, and that is reflected in the large amount of viewers who tune in — he frequently out-rates the broadcast competition combined. We are proud of his accomplishments on and off camera and look forward to working with him for many years to come.”

However, Radar Online reports that Chelsea Handler has made it clear that she is ready to take over The Tonight Show should Jimmy Fallon not be able to keep up with his duties on the show. A source revealed that she is just waiting and had been Jay Leno’s choice for his replacement.

“Chelsea is rubbing her hands together with glee over Jimmy Fallon’s fall from grace. Remember, Jay Leno was grooming her to take over when he retired and both of them were disappointed when it went to Jimmy.”

The source also said Handler has told NBC she is ready and waiting.

“Now his drunken antics are starting to cast a shadow over the show, Chelsea’s informed NBC she’s available to take over any time.”

Regardless of what speculation is going around, Jimmy Fallon sure can nail it when it comes to pleasing his audience and his fan base. Just take his recent interview with Harrison Ford. The Daily Beast reports that Ford was his usual “surly” self when they spoke. When Fallon introduced Ford as an Academy Award-nominated actor, Ford had a response for him.

“So, you keep saying that I’m Academy Award-nominated… Don’t you get it? I didn’t win.”

He might not have won, but Harrison Ford is still a favorite in Hollywood. Check out Ford spraying coffee out of his mouth and dismembering of his own Han Solo doll.

According to Us Weekly, Jimmy Fallon also had a singing good time with Seth MacFarlane on Tuesday. They sat at facing pianos and sang out questions and answers taken from Yahoo.

“What does TGIF stand for?… The Goat Is Fed.”

All of the questions and answers were real Yahoo questions and answers submitted by actual people. It was absolutely hilarious! Check it out.

Jimmy Fallon is definitely good for The Tonight Show. The month of November has shown soaring ratings for the show. TV by the Numbers reports that The Tonight Show hit a seven-week high in the 18-49 demographic for the week of November 16-20. Fallon would really have to mess up for NBC to consider getting rid of him.

[Photos by Mark Davis, Noam Galai/Getty Images]