Lady Gaga Defended By Fans After Being Mocked For Bad Acting On ‘AHS: Hotel’

It’s pretty safe to say that AHS: Hotel has not been a huge hit this season. It’s also safe to say that Lady Gaga’s performance on the show has been anything but well received. Since this season’s debut, Gaga has been ripped apart, humiliated, and laughed at over her acting skills.

IGN describes how many people feel about Lady Gaga’s addition to American Horror Story.

“Gaga’s portrayal of the Countess hasn’t exactly been a boon for this season. Headlines were written when she was cast, and she certainly holds name value, but the macabre majesty of that character tends to vanish whenever she opens her mouth.”

Some have taken to Twitter to show their feelings.

“God, Lady Gaga is such a bad actress,” Penguin tweets.

“Lady Gaga is terrible. She just can’t act,” tweets Timbert.

Those are some of the nicer comments. But not everybody thinks Lady Gaga is a bad actress, especially her fans, who she still calls “Little Monsters.” On a previous story from the Inquisitr that talked about Lady Gaga’s bad reception as an actress, Gaga’s fans came to her immediate defense in the comments section.

AHS: Hotel Lady Gaga’s fashion on ‘AHS’ has won rave reviews, but her dramatic acting skills have not been as well received. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]“She’s doing a pretty good job. People need to get off their high horses, its AHS. All these people with nothing better to do than complain are saying they miss Jessica Lang… I think people need to give Lady Gaga a chance. There’s people starving to death and getting blown up around the world, and these useless turds have nothing better to do with their lives than complain,” says Kyle James.

Louise Joles thinks that Gaga opened weak, but that Mother Monster is definitely getting better. Joles believes that if Gaga puts her mind to it, she will develop into a really fine actress since she has a captivating onscreen presence. However, Nathan Dostal ruins all the fun with his follow-up comment.

“She’s truly terrible and its a shame because thousands of actresses more deserving and better may have helped this season of AHS. Gaga-just sing-you have a lot of nerve to think you can act because you just want to-it takes real devotion to the craft-not just calling Murphy and saying, “Hey Murph-put me on your show.”

Perhaps Lady Gaga doesn’t want Tony Bennett to be get scared. According to People, Gaga doesn’t want the legendary crooner watching her performance in AHS.

“‘Gaga told me, ‘Don’t let Tony watch it!’ Bennett’s wife, Susan Crow, told PEOPLE during the American Natural History Museum Gala.”

Crow notes that even though she thinks Gaga’s performance is great, it might be too much for Tony to take in. Perhaps, according to the ratings of AHS: Hotel, Bennett wouldn’t certainly be the only one not watching. According to Headline Planet and other sources, the ratings this season have been dismal, although the audience for last week’s show has leveled off and has stopped falling. Let’s hope that given that most people are now home for the holidays, AHS: Hotel can gain back its audience this week.

However, no matter how much people dislike Lady Gaga or AHS, the show was renewed for another season. The show does have a cult following, so there are people who will watch it no matter what. AHS actually could go on for another couple seasons. Do you think Lady Gaga should play another key role in AHS next season? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]