‘Criminal Minds’ Spoilers: Will Joy’s Mother Show Up, Plus When Will The Dirty Dozen Arc End?

The latest Criminal Minds episode not only had a whopper of a reveal at the end, but it was also a great Rossi family hour. With Rossi and Joy now in each other’s lives — she’s even going by Joy Rossi as her byline, which was a very sweet gesture, with sound reasoning behind it, that she didn’t get to use it growing up — is it time for her mother to come back into the picture and be part of his life again? It certainly seems like a possibility, based on the latest spoilers.

In the last Criminal Minds episode, Joy brought the BAU a case when another college student went missing (the fifth that she had noticed over nearly a decade), and she was certain it was connected to the other disappearances. Rossi promised to see it to the end (whatever that may be), and along the way, the team came across not one, but three monsters — two UnSubs responsible for the missing college students and one abusive father — and Rossi got to know his daughter a bit more, including finding out about a time she was attacked in college and managed to escape.

Joe Mantegna and Amber Stevens in Criminal Minds Rossi and Joy hug after he finds out his daughter’s new byline. [Image via CBS]With the two of them in a good place, now might be the time to bring Hayden into the picture. Hayden knew back then that Rossi was in no position to have a family at that time — he was moving up in the FBI — but wouldn’t it be nice if she could see that he is being a father to their daughter now? According to TVGuide.com, showrunner Erica Messer has revealed that Hayden could show up in Season 11.

“We’re talking about, since Joy is in the picture, her mom being in the picture again as well. We haven’t ironed all of that out yet … but that’s been a point of discussion that we’ve had. That might be a nice thing for Rossi to find later in life, to actually find that happiness that he was looking for so much when he was younger.”

It would probably also be nice to see one of the BAU find that kind of happiness since more often than not, relationships have ended poorly for these team members.

What is coming up is more about the Dirty Dozen arc, as tidbits have been revealed over the first group of Criminal Minds Season 11 episodes. The latest intel came at the end of “Target Rich,” as Morgan found Garcia’s computers off in her office and the genius hacker herself waiting in the dark in his office, “scared scared,” as she put it. Hotch told her to review everything she had on the Dirty Dozen, but when she did so, she made a horrifying discovery: she is the Dirty Dozen. Yes, Garcia is the Dirty Dozen, the target of this interconnected group of hitmen, which Montolo was part of before he was caught and killed in prison, in front of Morgan. A guard had poisoned him, and that guard was later found shot execution style.

So how is Garcia the Dirty Dozen and how worried should she be? Well, she used 12 botnets for her original search — it’s basically a way to ensure no one could hack her — and whoever was “counting” her would also be able to tell it was someone at Quantico. Though Morgan promised that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her, she pointed out what happened to Montolo. Being “scared scared” in a situation like this is not only called for, it might be an understatement.

Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness in Criminal Minds Garcia tells Morgan she’s the Dirty Dozen on Criminal Minds. [Image via CBS]According to TVGuide.com, Messer has revealed that they will “wrap [the Dirty Dozen arc] up before the end of the season,” rather than what they’ve done previously, adding, “It is gonna be something that we’re gonna track and it will have some surprising little twists halfway through the season.”

Criminal Minds Season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

[Image via CBS]