‘Fallout 4’ Newfound Bug Will Send You Back To Desktop, No One Knows Why

Almost a week after being released for various gaming platforms, Bethesda’s open-world, role-playing game Fallout 4 has a new bug that will annoy gamers.

As mentioned in the game’s official forum, the bug takes place during a settlement quest, where the player is asked to go to Mosignor Plaza. However, once the player begins the journey, the game then crashes and sends the player straight to the desktop.

The annoying thing about the bug is that not only does it interrupt the game and send the player to the very beginning, but it also doesn’t show any error message, leaving players clueless as to what happened.

Meanwhile, the game developer, Bethesda, has not yet replied to inquiries regarding the new pesky bug in the game.

This is not the first bug to be found in the game, which was just released on Nov. 10. Other glitches that were found in the game’s first few days include flying animals, swimming dogs in mid-air, planking and leaning characters, and raid groups that appear out of nowhere, among others.

Fallout 4 Bug Causes Flying Animals

One notable, and rather scary glitch on Fallout 4 is the “headless player” glitch, in which the player’s character loses his head in the game. Reddit user postbroadcast reportedly encountered a Deathclaw in the game, and cut off the character’s head.

Watch Fallout 4 Player Fight Without A Head

Strangely, the character manages to survive the attack and was even able to go around talking to NPCs without his head. Unfortunately, the Reddit user said that while he tried to save the game with the glitch, the glitch was not saved, and the head returned.

While Bethesda is known for its multi-path storylines in its games, wherein it allows players to have as much freedom as possible in finishing the game, the numerous game possibilities may result in the unexplainable bugs.

In fact, the game developer has already rolled out a 500MB patch on Fallout 4’s first day in an attempt to fix the glitches found in the game.

Meanwhile, although the crash-to-desktop bug may seem game-breaking to some, there are a few bugs that can actually help players gain an edge.

Another recent bug discovery would potentially give players an infinite supply of bottle caps – Fallout 4’s in-game currency.

The bug reportedly works like this: The player may approach any in-game vendor and then buy the whole stock of any single ammo type. Afterwards, the player should then sell one single round of the ammo that was just purchased back to the vendor.

Finally, s/he could send all the remaining ammo back. This is where things become interesting. At this point, the player should have no more rounds of the ammo he initially bought from the vendor. However, a single round of the ammo still remains in the character’s inventory. He then has to sell this round of ammo repeatedly until the NPC vendor is out of bottle caps. To exploit the bug’s unlimited potential, the player would have to wait 24 hours until that particular vendor replenishes its bottle caps. He may also go to other NPC vendors and do the same trick. The bug was discovered on a 1.01 version of the game for PlayStation 4, and according to the bug report, players can do the same trick with other items, not only ammo.

Despite all of the bugs that have been discovered in the game’s first week, Fallout 4 is still a record-breaking title in the gaming industry. The game sold 12 million copies for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on its first day, “representing sales in excess of $750 million.”

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