'Pirates Of The Caribbean 5' Plot, Cast: 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' To Focus On Newcomer Captain Salazar

Patrick Frye

The Pirates of the Caribbean 5 plot will allegedly bring the series back to the fun and adventure that the last two films apparently gave up on. After Dead Man's Chest, the franchise apparently started focusing more on taking the story somewhere different and forgot to make it fun.

For Johnny Depp fans who want a more serious tale, his gangster film Black Mass has been considered an Oscar contender, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Turning the man of many faces into a cruel old man in charge of a criminal syndicate was an inspiring idea which box office numbers and critics alike say brought the actor out of his long-running trend of flop films.

Many felt that after On Stranger Tides, the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 plot would face an impossible task of bringing audiences back. A recent announcement has revealed that the film may do something similar to Jurassic World, however.

Jurassic World was basically the first film all over again, simultaneously a remake and a sequel. Dead Men Tell No Tales is expected to be about ghost captain Salazar, played by Javier Bardem, a whole new villain who was at the receiving end of a classic Captain Jack Sparrow double-cross. Salazar has just returned from the Devil's Triangle on a mission of revenge after he believes Captain Jack killed his brother. He and his ghost crew (not the undead type like the first film) chase Jack Sparrow down as hi-jinks ensue according to Master Herald.

Apparently, Captain Jack Sparrow has an uncanny knack for making enemies.

Unlike the first three films though, Keira Knightly won't be back and neither will Penelope Cruz. Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) will be back though, so it's unknown what his role will be, other than possibly helping Captain Salazar escape from the land of the dead.

Without the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 plot's original leading ladies, who is stepping in? British actress Kaya Scodelario is playing the role of Carina Smyth. She is an astronomer fighting for her right to study at the university, since women's rights back then were restrictive. Where she comes into the story with Captain Jack Sparrow is with her search for the Trident of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea.

Her diary will come into focus, and as always, Jack Sparrow will mess things up like he apparently did with Bardem's character in older days.

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If you're wondering where you've heard the name Javier Bardem before, he was the main villain of Skyfall, the effeminate one with the removable jaw. His part in the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 cast and plot will hopefully mirror his performance opposite James Bond.

Kaya Scodelario enters the fray for the first time as well, but not without the accusations of being a replacement for Keira Knightly, as Movie Pilot claims. The Maze Runner actress defended her character as being different from Elizabeth Swann.

"[Carina is] a totally different character. But yeah, it's really weird – the first [Pirates film] came out when I was 10 or something, so I remember looking up to Keira and thinking wow, it's so cool. It's a part of our childhood, like the Harry Potter movies."

What do you think of the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 plot and cast announced? Can it turn the ship around and renew the franchise?

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