November 9, 2015
Shonda Rhimes Explains The Moment That Led To Her Stunning Weight Loss

Shonda Rhimes at one point was an elusive figure behind hit shows as Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Scandal-- until she started her year of yes, which turned into a book deal. Part of her year of yes was to drop a massive amount of weight. Now that the How To Get Away with Murder producer explained how she lost the weight, she's opening up about the personal story behind why she decided she needed to change her life.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the woman who owns Thursday night television opened up about the specific moment in her life that made her drop the weight.

"I got on an airplane, I was going to NY from LA and it was first class and it was going to be really comfortable. I got in my seat, I took off my shoes I got out by book and I went to buckle the seatbelt and it wouldn't buckle and I thought to myself, something is wrong with the seatbelt, it's broken. But it wasn't the seatbelt it was me."
Rhimes continued, "I decided I will risk it and not say anything."

The showrunner said that her weight loss, more than 100 pounds gone, was also due to her year of yes mantra that she took on. "The more fears I conquered, the more I felt like I can do this too or I can do that too. And so I lost weight."

As for whether or not it was an easy time shedding the pounds, Rhimes said that nothing is easy one hundred percent of the time. In addition, she said that she lowered her expectations, and when she did that losing the weight got easier for her.

As the Inquisitr reported, her children were a factor as well, telling Extra that she has little children and she wanted to be around for them. Rhimes is mother two adopted children, Harper, 13, and Emerson, 3.

As for rumors of whether or not she had a gastric sleeve surgery, the showrunner said that this wasn't the case and instead she detailed how she changed her life and habits. Rhimes said that she changed everything she ate, and exercised, both things she hated the entire time. She also said that portion control was a big part of her weight loss. As for her cravings, once she stopped eating the foods she indulged in, she said her palate started to crave different foods like fish and salad.

Although she lives a healthier lifestyle now, Rhimes told People that at the time saying yes was terrifying, sometimes a little insane, and also wildly embarrassing. Another one of those yes' was to conquer her fear of public speaking, a trait that she shares with her Grey's Anatomy character Callie Torres.

Simon & Schuster's editor in chief Marysue Rucci said of the accomplishment: "By saying yes for a year, she truly transformed her life for the better in every way." As previously reported, Shonda Rhimes' book, Year of Yes, is expected on shelves on November 10.

As for her creative endeavors, it really can't get any better for Rhimes. In addition to signing a deal that assures her reign over a ABC for the next three years. This deal came with 8 figures -- and includes the development of new shows The Catch, Splitsville, and an untitled show about a medical drama based out of Baghdad.

What do you think of Shonda Rhimes' year of yes?

[Photo by Mark Davis / Getty Images]