Is Tom Cruise Not Suri's Dad, But Rather Allegedly A Scientology Handler? [Rumor]

Amy Feinstein

With her new book Troublemaker, Leah Remini has pulled back the veil covering Scientology away, and what remains is crazier than anyone ever imagined. By pushing Leah Remini out of the Church of Scientology, she has now decided that she no longer has to keep the secrets of church leaders like Tom Cruise. Enter Tommy Davis, who is the son of actress Anne Archer, and also the one time handler of Tom Cruise and his then wife Katie Holmes. After Holmes left Cruise, and took their daughter Suri with her, Davis and his wife disappeared for two years. The rumor claims that Davis is perhaps the father of Katie Holmes' child. Currently, there is no substantive proof, but could this be true?

The Inquisitr reported that Tommy Davis was the person who handled any complaints from Tom Cruise that a woman he was dating was perhaps letting him down or not pleasing him sufficiently. Most of the women being "screened" to date Cruise were already members of the Church of Scientology, but Katie Holmes was not, but still she was "auditioned" for the role of the next Mrs. Tom Cruise.

"Sources connected with Tom and Katie tell us there are hard feelings on both sides, which is why they don't communicate. For Tom's part, he feels betrayed because he claims Katie never gave him any warning she was leaving him. For Katie's part, we're told she felt Tom sucked the life out of her."

"Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's abrupt divorce has once again given rise to unbelievable new questions about their daughter Suri's paternity, and Tom is absolutely outraged over the persistent lies and crazy rumors, say sources. The 50-year-old star will be most disturbed over suppositions that Suri will someday ask him to take a paternity test to prove he's her father."

Tom Cruise insists he loves Suri, yet he allegedly has no custody of her during the week or the month, and Holmes will only consent to daytime visits here and there. Sources report that currently, Suri has no relationship with Cruise, as he seems to be very busy with his Church of Scientology commitments.

"Tom is furious that rumors over whether or not he's Suri's biological dad persist, and he's completely outraged that the chatter has intensified since his split with Katie," revealed a source close to Cruise. "Tom loves that little girl with all his heart and his priority in life is keeping a strong father-daughter bond despite his and Katie's bust-up. In fact, the reason he fast-tracked the divorce settlement is because he wanted to ensure that he'd never have issues seeing Suri or being a big part of her life."

"According to the latest cover issue of In Touch Weekly, Tom Cruise hasn't seen Suri Cruise in over 540 days. Katie Holmes is reportedly furious at Tom's absence, and has even told him that his phone calls just aren't enough anymore."

Do you believe that Tom Cruise is Suri's father?

[Photo courtesy of Elizabetta Villa/ Getty Images]