Is CL Of ‘2NE1’ Dating Mino Of ‘WINNER?’ — YG Entertainment Clears The Air On Rumors K-Pop Idols Are Dating

CL and Mino

Over the past couple of years, stars of Korean entertainment — especially K-pop idols and Korean actors — have been on the forefront for relationship news. True relationship rumors and confirmations of a nation’s entertainers will always be enticing. But for some unknown reason, there seems to be more of such instances for Korea these days. For example, Sones, the hardcore fans of Girls’ Generation, were anticipating who was dating who in 2014. This is because 2014 was known as the “Dating Generation,” a year most of the K-pop group’s members were getting into relationships. Little would they know that one year later, almost all of those relationships would end. So far, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Yoona, and Yuri have experienced the curse of love loss, leaving only Sooyoung the only member committed to someone.

It should be known that along with the breakups, numerous couples have confirmed their relationships over the past year too. IU and Jang Ki Ha, Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ha, and Lee Dong Gun and Jiyeon (from T-ARA) are just some to let the world know they are committed to each other. There have also been numerous rumors floating about too like G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara (for who knows how long). On that note, the newest rumor is that CL of 2NE1 and Mino of WINNER are dating. YG Entertainment did not give it time to saturate as they were quick to officially clear the air on such.

So what is the word from the music label that 2NE1 and WINNER are signed to saying? It has got to be true with pictures allegedly showing CL and Mino together, right? Well for those who were hoping for a “CLino” or “MinL” relationship to be true, their dreams are officially shattered. YG Entertainment not only said the rumors are false, but they are dumbfounded such would arise from the pictures because they say it is evident they were edited, as reported by AllKpop.

“It’s so ridiculous that I can’t even laugh. It’s absurd that dating rumors could arise from photoshopped images. The headlines came out without confirmation, and the evidence provided is photoshopped.”

Originally, the rumors broke out on Wednesday, October 21, 2015. According to KpopStarz, Korean news outlet Kukmin Ilbo claimed CL and Mino were dating. For those who follow K-pop, this would surely be a huge deal because one of the biggest rules YG Entertainment has for its artists is they are not allowed to date each other. The label says that “family does not date family,” a statement made in relation that all the K-pop acts are known collectively as a “YG Family.” Still, Kukmin Ilbo stuck by their claims, substantiating pictures of CL and Mino by the pool as their proof.

Photoshopped Picture of CL and Mino

Unfortunately for the aforementioned news site, their claim would be dispelled thanks to Ilgan Sports. In their follow-up, they described how the pictures that “prove CL and Mino” are dating (such as the one above) were attained.

“Today, the media released photos that were taken inside a building commonly used [by both artists]. The photo quickly spread through the article which claimed that CL and Song Minho were at a hotel and various public places. But the photos are known to be manipulated [edited] by fans.”

Now that the rumors have been cleared, both CL and Mino continue on with their present career endeavors without having to worry about any substantial backlash. Presently, CL is working on her highly anticipated U.S. debut. As for Mino, he completed a successful stint, making it as a finalist on music variety show Show Me The Money 4.

[Image via Jérôme Peynot’s YouTube Channel]