Bryce Dallas Howard Tosses The Heels For ‘Jurassic World’ Sequel

When Bryce Dallas Howard starred alongside Chris Pratt in Jurassic World, the fact that she ran throughout the whole thing in her high heels took so much attention that it almost overshadowed the dinosaurs. People wanted to know a lot about these heels — mostly, who’s decision was it for Howard to run in them? Was this a way to torture the actress? And was there a purpose for featuring her running in heels?

Fans will be happy to know that for the sequel, Howard is ditching those heels. Bryce Dallas Howard said she found out she was going to be in the sequel when director Colin Trevorrow texted her a simple message that would end “heelsgate” once and for all, and that was — “NoHeels2018.”

Her reaction? Priceless. The actress told Cosmo, “I was like, “Yeah!” [My character] Claire knows to get in there now and her dynamic with the animals has certainly shifted and the woman you see at the end of Jurassic World is very different from the woman see you at the beginning.”

At first, Bryce defended the choice by director Colin Trevorrow and called it a “feminist” move, which rightfully angered feminists and critics who debunked the theory that her character was anything but feminist.

Dallas confronted these naysayers during the interview by explaining what kind of woman her character was when we first meet Chris Pratt’s character.

“She’s in high heels because she’s a woman who has been in high heels her whole life and she can f—ing sprint in them. She can. ​That’s kind of how I perceived it.​ She doesn’t have to be in menswear and flats in order to outrun a T. rex. That’s what women can do.”

Howard also confirmed the no heels in 2018 during a television interview. The actress said that she was “Totally surprised” by how much attention the heels got at first. She continued, “but I had so many different feelings about it. It was really hard running in heels all the time. In terms of the controversy of it, that I wasn’t expecting.”

While women in Hollywood like Jennifer Lawrence, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Sandra Bullock are speaking up about the injustices in Hollywood against women, Howard sees optimism in the type of characters that she sees on the big screen for women.

“People are seeing that there is a kind of lower tolerance for vapid, meaningless, only functional female characters. We want the real world and the realities of the real world reflected in movies that we see, and audiences are not tolerating anything other than that. ”

We’ve known that Jurassic World was getting a sequel for some time now. Back in July, Variety reported that one of the highest-grossing films ever was getting a sequel set for 2018. It was then that we also found out that Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard were returning to reprise their roles in the film.

As for its box office bank, it wound up taking in $1,665,500,120 worldwide. It’s currently the third highest grossing movie of all time, only behind James Cameron’s respectful masterpieces Avatar which earned $2 billion and Titanic which also made $2 billion. Rounding out the top five is The Avengers and Furious 7.

Do you agree with Bryce Dallas Howard’s stance on her character’s heels? Better yet, are you glad she ditched them for Jurassic World 2?

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