Sylvie Cachay: ID's 'Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horrors' Revisits Soho House Hotel Bathtub Murder On Investigation Discovery

Sylvie Cachay, the Peruvian-American swimsuit designer who was found dead in a bath tub at a posh NYC hotel, will have her case reenacted on the Investigation Discovery show Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horrors this coming Wednesday.

Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horrors centers around gruesome true-story murder cases that have happened inside some of the America's most lush hotels. In true Bates Motel style, this new tv series is sure to put the fright in your Wednesday nights. You'll never feel the same about staying in a hotel room again. Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horrors comes on the heels of Hell House--- another Investigation Discovery (ID) TV series that focuses on old homes that have been the scene of the most bizarre murders. The one-hour, three-part series will delve into the most fascinating real-life horror stories, where the guests have checked in but never checked out.

ID Network---America's guilty pleasure. [photo credit: ID/Twitter]Investigation Discovery is the destination for real true-crime lovers. Its aggressive programming fulfills every bit of the viewer's guilty pleasure. Producers for the series want you to think of it as a true-crime documentary that is set to a movie. Like in any documentary, there is commentary by law enforcement officials, family members, friends, and hotel employees to help round out the story. Then, #IDAddicts will have the pleasure of watching these stories unfold as a mini movie. Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horror producers wanted to create a sense of complete fright, something that is a little different from the way ID has been telling their stories.

Everyone can identify with the uncertainty of stepping into an empty room and wondering about the guests who were there before. It also plays on the fear that many may have about staying in a hotel room, where one might encounter wicked hotel employees or deranged guests. Viewers are prompted to think of The Bates Motel, and The Shining, along with the classic Psycho movie.

Sylvie Cachay was found dead in the Soho House Hotel in NYC. [photo credit: Sylvie Cachay/Facebook]The tone of Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horrors is unlike anything the ID channel has seen before, and viewers are already looking forward to it as we approach Halloween. The first episode will focus on the murder of Sylvie Cachay, a 33-year old Peruvian beauty who was strangled and drowned in a bathtub at the elite Soho House Hotel in New York City. The murder occurred in December 2011, after Cachay and her estranged boyfriend Nicholas Brooks checked in because Cacahy's own apartment had been damaged in a fire. Investigators say they were called after hotel staff discovered water dripping from the above room. When they entered the hotel room where Cachay was staying, they found her body submerged in the tub. It was complete chaos once guests discovered what was happening in the hotel room above. Police recognized the woman as the celebrity swim suit designer who was famous for selling her top designs to the stars. At first, her parents and investigators were unsure of what actually happened that night. But the investigation later revealed that 25-year old Nicholas Brooks was angry because Sylvie broke up with him a day earlier. Brooks was the son of Joseph Brooks, the music composer, who was well-known for his song, "You Light Up My Life." For the murder, Nicholas Brooks received 25 years to life in prison, according to The Daily Mail.

Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horrors is produced by Matador Content with Pamela Deutsh acting as senior executive producer and Joel Schumacher, Jay Peterson, and Mark Marabella as producers. The show airs on Wednesday, October 21 on ID.

[Photo Credit: Soho House/ Facebook]