‘According To Alex’: Whoopi Goldberg’s Daughter, Alex Martin Dean, Stars In Own Reality Show On Centric Tonight

According to Alex is a funny new reality TV series starring Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter, Alex. The half-hour series will air in six episodes on the Centric network. Celebrity daughter, Alex Martin Dean, has kept a relatively low profile in Hollywood. Now, Centric viewers will get a chance to get to know Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter — up close and personal, along with Alex’s husband, Bernard, whom she married three different times. Expect to see Alex’s best friend, Leisa, as well as Whoopi Goldberg’s three grandchildren: Amara, Jerzey, and Mason. The View‘s Whoopi Goldberg will make sporadic appearances on the show, according to Real Screen.

alex-martin-dean-whoopi-goldberg-daughter-friend-lisa Alex Dean Martin and Lisa. [photo credit: CentricTV/Facebook]Produced by 44 Blue Productions in association with One Ho Productions, According To Alex stars Whoopi Goldberg, Alex Martin Dean, Amara Dean, Bernard Dean, Jerzey Dean, Mason Dean, and Leisa Rachal. Whoopi Goldberg serves as executive director, as well as Tom Leonardis, Stephanie Drachkovitch, and Alex Martin Dean.

According to Alex centers around Alex Martin Dean, a mom who has been raising children since the tender age of 15, when she became a mom to her oldest daughter. With two children already grown, and one other about to leave the nest, Alex and Leisa try to decide what to do with the rest of their lives. They’ve never really known what they wanted to be, and they have tried all sorts of careers but the responsibilities of motherhood always sent them back home to raise their kids. But now, with the kids being older, Alex and Leisa have a bit more freedom — a freedom that will allow them to embark on a brand new business venture that offers signature finger nail polishes and signature drinks. Alex also wants to try new things that she has never tried before. Everything from skydiving to trapeze is up for grabs.

However, their plans fly out of the window after Alex’s daughter, Amara, has her baby — making the 40-year-old Alex Martin Dean a grandmother for the first time. And just when Alex wraps her head around that, Amara throws her mommy another curve ball by revealing that she wants to move back home with the baby — permanently.

Producers for According to Alex had a hard time selling the idea to different networks because there wasn’t enough drama. For some, the show lacked the hair-pulling, knock-down-drag out fights that usually see a spike in ratings. But those involved with According to Alex wanted to show black women in a different light. And the long-lasting positive relationship that Alex has with Leisa adds just the right amount of freshness that reality television is lacking.

Alex Martin Dean’s best friend, Leisa Rachal, has stuck with her through thick and thin. From their days in the club “making it bounce” to their newest venture of starting a business together, these two best buds are a good example of what it means to be friends — best friends, but without all of the drama. Alex and Leisa have known each other since they were very young, and they have practically raised their two families together. In tonight’s episode of According To Alex entitled “Vegas Family Affair,” Alex and Leisa try to organize the families to take a road trip to Las Vegas. And well, it’s harder than they think. Between the many suitcases and the number of people, it seems that the family will never get on the road.

Don’t miss the adventures of Alex, Whoopi, and the rest of the family. Be sure to watch According To Alex on Centric tonight at 10/9 central.

according-to-alex-husband According to Alex is funny and entertaining. [photo credit: Facebook][Photo Credit: CentricTV/Facebook]