Shauna Tiaffay, George Tiaffay: CBS ’48 Hours’ Covers Case Of Las Vegas Cocktail Waitress Who Was Found Dead In Her Home

Shauna Tiaffay, the Las Vegas casino cocktail waitress who was killed three years ago, will be the new subject of CBS 48 Hours. The crime documentary TV series features a new riveting murder case every Saturday night. Tonight’s episode will cover the shocking details of Shauna Tiaffay, a beautiful mother who was ambushed by Noel Scott Stevens, a local homeless man who lived in the desert. Clark County prosecutors alleged that Shauna’s murder was ordered by her estranged husband, firefighter, George Tiaffay. For his crime, George Miguel Tiaffay is serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole. In the episode entitled Vengeance In Vegas, CBS viewers will hear commentary from friends and family members of the Tiaffays, as well as from law enforcement officials who were instrumental in stringing the crime together, according to The Daily Mail.

Noel Scott Noel bragged to everyone that he killed a rich man's wife.

By all accounts, Shauna and George Tiaffay were a handsome power couple who was admired and loved by many. George had met Shauna at a casino in Las Vegas, where he fell in love with her smile and her energy. The two engaged in a passionate affair before tying the knot and giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Friends say at some point in the marriage, things took a turn. George Tiaffay became a nasty, vindictive, and violent individual—far different from the way friends describe him. Around town, people described him as giving, honest, and caring.

But family members and friends of Shauna Tiaffay began hearing negative things about him after the marriage began to sour. According to Shauna’s sister, Paula Stokes Richards, Shauna told members of her family that George was abusing her. Family members also say they were very happy when Shauna got the courage to leave. But while they knew it was a stressful time for Shauna, they had no idea that her decision to leave would end in death for her.

In September 2012, 911 operators received a call from George Tiaffay, stating that he found his wife dead in their home. When officers arrived, they found a white female with bruises to the head. It also appeared that several of the woman’s fingers were broken. George identified the dead woman as his wife, Shauna Tiaffay. George told police that he found Shauna’s body after he and his young daughter arrived at the home that morning.

In the days after her murder, the community was in shock. Everyone wanted to know how something like this could happen to Shauna, and everyone felt terrible for George and their 8-year old daughter. Video taken from Shauna’s job captures her leaving at around 3:30 a.m. From there, she headed home. But when she arrived, someone accosted her from behind and a violent struggle ensued. Autopsy findings indicate that Shauna fought for her life, as evidenced by the defensive wounds that were found on her body. The autopsy also found that the killer had beaten her in the head with what appeared to be a claw hammer.

Shauna Tiaffay was found dead by her husband George Tiaffay and their 8-year old daughter.

At the casino, all the other cocktail waitresses were fearful that Sin City’s casino girls were being targeted. No one could have imagined the truth. Police got a lucky break when a tipster came forward with information about the killer. They learned during the investigation that a homeless man named Noel Scott Stevens told anyone who would listen that he was coming into some money soon because he killed a rich man’s wife.

Video footage was captured of Noel Scott Stevens and George Tiaffay buying a claw hammer together at a Walmart store. Phone records also confirmed that George and the killer were in contact with each other in the month leading up to the killing. DNA evidence also matched up. With that, Stevens and Tiaffay were arrested and charged with murder.

Defense attorneys for George Tiaffay tried to convince the jury that despite the criminal charge, Tiaffay was a good man before the crime took place, and they wanted the jury to take that into account when sentencing him. But jurors were not at all impressed by George M. Tiaffay. They returned a sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

Set your clocks to remind you about CBS’ 48 Hours tonight. It’s on in your town at 10 p.m. The Inquisitr has written about two other CBS 48 true-crime stories: Linda Curry and Sheila Graham Trott.

CBS 48 Hours Trailer: Vengeance In Vegas/George Tiaffay’s 911 Call

This is supposedly an old video of Shauna Tiaffay singing in the car.

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