Ryan Serhant Rushed To The Hospital: He Is ‘Stabilized’

Ryan Serhant may be a hardworking broker in New York and a very entertaining reality star on Million Dollar Listing New York, but he is also a human being. And sometimes, humans get very ill. Earlier this morning, Ryan was rushed to the hospital. He had been out with his wife-to-be Emilia Beckrakis at an event and they had posted several pictures of them having fun. But it sounds like Serhant may have eaten something that didn’t sit well with his body.

Ryan Serhant didn’t post anything on social media throughout the night, but it sounds like his experience throughout the night was terrifying for him. An insider close to the broker has supposedly revealed that he was rushed to the hospital around 1 a.m. Emilia went with him and stayed with him. But they didn’t specify what was wrong with him at the time.

According to a new Radar Online report, Ryan Serhant was supposedly complaining of very bad abdominal pain. He was apparently very pale and hyperventilating on the way to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctors stabilized him and it was determined that he had suffered from a very bad case of food poisoning.

Ryan Serhant MDLNY

“Ryan is stabilized and they are doing multiple tests to determine a diagnosis,” said the source. “It was later diagnosed as food poisoning.”

Many tabloids are reporting that this was a severe case of food poisoning that clearly took its toll on the realtor. Hopefully, Ryan Serhant remembers what he ate throughout the night, so he doesn’t have that kind of reaction again. Emilia didn’t post anything about Ryan either, possibly to protect his privacy while he was recovering. No word as to whether he returned to work this morning, but one can imagine it was quite the experience.

But Serhant can take a day off and relax. He was recently named the top real estate broker in New York City, which is quite the accomplishment. Plus, his reality show Million Dollar Listing New York has been nominated twice for an Emmy. And he could be planning his future wedding to Emilia. Ryan proposed in the middle of Times Square and the proposal made headlines around the world. He managed to shut down Times Square — something that is nearly impossible to do. He had to propose to her early in the morning before the morning rush, if he wanted the space all to himself. It was a huge proposal that was caught for the show, and printed in papers around the world.

Ryan Serhant MDLNY

And it sounds like Ryan’s relationship with Emilia has made quite the impression on the world. According to Life and Style Magazine, Ryan and Emilia were recently named the new “it” couple in Hollywood. Of course, when fans first met Ryan, he was stubborn and he was very focused on his work. These days, Serhant is more caring, loving and doesn’t put work above everything. Now, he takes the time to go on dates, attend events, and hang out with his future wife.

Many feel that Emilia was the right woman to come into his life. She softened him up and he started exploring his feelings. After dating for a while, Serhant talked about his father, and his childhood. This is something Million Dollar Listing fans didn’t know about. And it is awesome to see Ryan share such an important part of his life. But it does make sense that he keeps some things to himself, including a horrendous hospitalization.

What do you think of Ryan Serhant’s scary food poisoning incident? What would you tell Ryan to make him feel better?

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