‘Scandal’ Season 5: New Spoilers Tease The Arrival Of A New Gladiator

Scandal will add a familiar face to the action on the next episode, and there are some new spoilers for that person’s arrival now available. Scandal spoilers released at the end of last season revealed that a new person would join Olivia Pope’s team during season 5. She has a few empty spots to fill, after all.

Marcus Walker, played by Cornelius Smith, Jr., will finally make his first appearance of the new season on the show, and it looks like he might even pop up on this week’s episode, Scandal season 5, episode 4, titled “Dog Whistle Politics.”

The episode details, released by ABC and shared by Spoiler TV, tease that Huck and Quinn will turn to someone for help with the Olivia chaos. That person is not revealed.

If that person is not Marcus, the details for Scandal season 5, episode 5 also tease that is Olivia going to someone for help. It is possible that both instances involve Marcus, but fans will need to tune in to find out this week.

Entertainment Weekly shared a few spoilers about the arrival of Marcus Walker in their latest spoiler report. This means that the character will pop up soon, and his arrival is perfectly timed. Olivia can use all the help she can get. The promo for the next episode revealed that someone wants her dead because of her connection to Fitz.

Cornelius Smith, Jr. teased some about the role his character will play on the series this season to EW.

“His allegiances are still up in the air. ‘Marcus is someone who will continue to fight for justice — whether it’s going to be for the Gladiators or against the Gladiators, we don’t know,’ Cornelius Smith Jr. tells me. ‘He has his own set of morals, guidelines and principals that don’t necessarily bend to other’s impressions of him or what he should do.’ That’s why there could be some tension between Marcus and Olivia when he returns. ‘It’s a fairly new relationship,’ he says. ‘In that relationship you have everything that relationships have: Times where they get along, times where they don’t see eye-to-eye, there might be some friction.'”

Those spoilers do not giveaway when or where he will pop up, but that is likely to happen very soon.

A sneak peek has been released for the upcoming Scandal episode, and the clip focuses in on Fitz’s panic over the situation. He is trying to find a way to fix things with Liz when Abby walks in. He immediately fires her for her actions. Fans know that will not last long, but he is an out of control child, as Cyrus said on the last episode. He lashes out and then takes it back.

The White House is definitely surrounded in chaos after Olivia’s admission. The last episode did reveal a bit more about the drama to come. Olivia gave a timeline for upcoming events. Fitz has 18 months left in office. If he is not impeached before the end of his term, this does give fans hope for a Scandal season 6.

Shonda Rhimes has been coy about the exact end of the series, but she has teased in past interviews that the drama will end when Fitz’s time at the White House ends. That is in 18 months. Unless there is a bizarre time jump this season, fans should relax a little about the series ending at the end of this season.

For now, fans can focus on the drama that has come from Olivia telling the world she is Fitz’s mistress.

Scandal will continue to air on ABC on Thursday nights.

[Photo: ABC]