WWE News: WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor Visits TNA Wrestling Headquarters In Nashville

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor has been a huge part of the NXT show for the last year now. He came into WWE in the Fall of 2014 and was an instant hit with the fans, and even management. Finn was once called Prince Devitt, a New Japan Pro-Wrestling star who was one of the biggest stars in the history of the company. He was recruited by WWE years ago, right before NJPW gave him a major push. He felt he was not ready at that point, and he might’ve been right.

Today, we see an amazing performer who has mastered several in-ring styles from around the world. Japan has given him a big opportunity to grow and he has done well with it. Interestingly, Balor has not only been recruited by WWE. Rumors are rumbling that TNA Wrestling is heavily interested in him. Many think that Balor would have stayed in Japan rather than come to America to be part of TNA.

Many believe that Balor would never have worked in America on a regular basis unless it was for WWE.

That leads us to today. WWE NXT happens to be running shows in the south this very week, in Tennessee specifically. They are working in Nashville tonight, live from the War Memorial Auditorium. Today, it seemed Balor had some extra time and decided to visit TNA Headquarters which happens to be in Nashville.

He posted a picture on Twitter.

As you can see, Balor is doing the D-Generation X chop which stands for “suck it.”

Balor used the picture to help promote the event tonight in Nashville. He will be there, along with NXT Women’s Champion Bayley, Samoa Joe, Tyler Breeze, and the rest of the current NXT roster.

Interestingly, this picture has made some fans blow up on social media for one of two reasons. Some see it as shots being fired at TNA, which WWE does not endorse. They don’t even want you knowing there is such a thing as TNA. Others, mostly TNA marks, believe it is Balor saying he could be with TNA soon. Which is actually comical at the very, very least.

Triple H and Vince McMahon have been vocal about the fact that they want NXT to be used more. Triple H has been more public about his thoughts, telling the media whenever he gets a chance that NXT is its own brand that they want to treat like a WWE RAW or SmackDown show.

The tours like the ones we are seeing lately, are set to continue and continue to grow. Many believe that WWE will eventually begin to hold tapings outside of Full Sail University. For now, they seem to love being with Full Sail. They have students working the shows under the guidance of WWE officials, which means they get free or close-to-free labor. On top of this perk, they are guaranteed a crowd because the college community is hot for wrestling.

TNA’s crowds in the Impact Zone have always been high mainly due to the fact they were in Orlando inside the Universal Park. The crowds were a guarantee, but spectators also got in for free.

WWE knows they can probably make NXT a much bigger deal on the road. For now, everything will remain the same. Some speculate that in 2016 WWE will do bigger things with NXT.

To add more fuel to the TNA fire, WWE is interested in taking back some of their former talent, like the Hardy Brothers, EC3, and more. Do not be surprised if all of the stars WWE has an interest in end up back on WWE programming like RAW or SmackDown. You might even see them on NXT, since that seems to be the place everyone wants to be right now.

[Photos by Finn Balor via Twitter]