Nicki Minaj Searches For #YoungNicki Via Instagram, Twitter To Play Her In ABC Family TV Comedy

There is a hashtag trending hard called #YoungNicki on social media, all begun because Nicki Minaj has expanded her repertoire beyond rapping and rhyming and is launching into TV roles. The latest role for Nicki involves her acting as executive producer, reports Deadline, on an ABC Family comedy based on the life of young Nicki as she grew up in Queens, New York.

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As news broke about Nicki's new TV show, which will start filming the initial pilot episode coming up in the winter of this year, loads of folks began tweeting their photos on social media. Some begged Minaj to make them the #YoungNicki that she is seeking.

On Twitter, Nicki is pretty active about telling her fans exactly what she's looking for in the role of the young Minaj character. As such, Nicki said that while she appreciated the big response from her fans, whom Nicki calls "barbz," Minaj let them know that the younger version of her would have to be an actress, and not merely some random person off of Instagram with no acting talent or experience.

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And while Nicki won't divulge the name of the vehicle, which hails from Aaron Kaplan's Kapital Entertainment, Minaj did give details on the age of the character, which she wrote would range in the 11-year-old to 12-year-old range. On the Instagram and Twitter accounts, as soon as the #YoungNicki hashtag arrived, it went viral.

I am now launching a nation wide search to find #YoungNicki - First episode she'll be around 11/12
Minaj even related to her Twitter followers that she would be writing raps for the younger version of herself to "spit" on TV. Chances are those raps will be a lot more innocent than the fare that fans are used to hearing from Minaj on jams like "Truffle Butter" and other songs. Minaj's slamming lyrics are known to address controversy head on -- her fans are used to hearing her open songs proclaiming that she "never f***** [Lil] Wayne" and she "never f***** Drake."

Nicki even tweeted her thoughts about what the young actress who is selected to play Minaj will go through with Nicki's own fans. The Minaj fandom will pay lots of attention to who is selected to play their icon.

It just dawned on me tho. The Barbz will be all over this little girl when we do find her. she has no idea
Suggestions are already flowing in to Nicki's Twitter page, and Minaj actually liked the suggestion that the actress who played Rue from Hunger Games play the young Nicki on her TV comedy. Minaj thought that was a great suggestion, but expressed her opinion that she wants an unknown actress for the role.
"Wow. Now this is actually a GREAT suggestion. I kinda want an unknown tho. But this girl is [hands up clapping and praising]"
Even reality TV star Tami Roman got in on the action in suggestions for a #YoungNicki, and while Minaj thanked Roman for her suggestions, she let Tami know that she'd be searching for a girl younger than the one Roman suggested for young Nicki's role.

A scroll down on Minaj's Twitter timeline proves that there are plenty of photos of cute little would-be actresses set to play Nicki. Some are even joking with memes and short videos, sad that as boys, they can't play the young Minaj. Either way, whoever blessed young lady is chosen to play the young Nicki will certainly gain plenty of attention. And with all the furor over the #YoungNicki hashtag, when the TV series finally airs, it'll gain even more attention.

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